Membership Services Conference 2023: Slides

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Here’s all the slides from session presenters at Membership Services Conference 2023

Wonkhe: I want you to want me – Policy development in SUs

Wonkhe: Strikes-and-Compensation

Wonkhe: Why SUs are just like Eurovision

Wonkhe: Drawing-the-lines – PSHE in HE

Organised fun: People are Selfish – student recruitment and retention

25 dots: Thinking differently and getting out of a rut

Employability Lab Session 

Native – Plenary

Native – Engagement Workshop

Drug and Alcohol Impact

No More Ticking Boxes

Employability Lab Session


Citizens UK

Sortitition in democratic structures

GIAG One Year of Activities


Rethinking Representation

The Committee Training Conundrum

Officers’ Participation in Institutional Governance

7 Lessons from 7 years of Active Bystander Training

Supporting Struggling and Thriving Volunteering Projects Post-Covid

Change Lab presentation

Engaging Postgraduate Students

Developing Part Time Officers For Academic Communities

Defining Membership for Partner College Students

Data Sharing between SUs and Universities

Access is More Than a Bathroom


NUS Charity Elections Playback

YGam University and Student Engagement Programme


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