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What is The Wonkhe Daily?

The Daily sets the day’s HE agenda. What’s going on, why it’s happening and everything you need to know about it, at a glance. Produced by our team of HE wonks, the Daily is well-informed, analytical and easy to read. It will help you and your colleagues stay ahead of the hectic HE policy and news agenda.

The Wonkhe Daily is as fortifying as a bowl of porridge: full of goodness, it sets you up for the day. With clockwork regularity, it sets out the day’s agenda. Like daily porridge, you know you shouldn’t be without it.

Professor Chris Husbands, Vice Chancellor, Sheffield Hallam University

Who’s it for?

Inside universities: policy advisers, public affairs professionals, senior leaders, planners, marketing & communications, students’ unions officers and staff and other assorted HE wonks.

Outside universities: sector agencies, mission groups, civil servants, politicians, trade unions, businesses that work with universities and everyone else with a major stake in current HE policy developments.

The Wonkhe Daily is the one thing that I make sure I read every single day. It’s a short, astute, and often amusing guide to everything that’s going on in and around HE – essential reading

 Professor Alistair Fitt, Vice Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University

The Wonkhe Daily often helps with our thinking for the short and longer term – and on occasion provides some levity to the complex and sometimes incoherent world of higher education

Professor Julie Lydon, Vice Chancellor, University of South Wales

The Wonkhe Daily has rapidly become essential reading for higher education leaders

Professor Tom Ward, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Education, University of Leeds

Frequently asked questions

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When is the Daily email sent?

Tuesday – Friday at 8.00AM (excluding public holidays, summer Parliamentary recess and a small number of other exceptions). The Wonkhe Mondays briefing is sent to all subscribers at 8.00AM every Monday.

How many people in my organisation can receive the email?

As many as you like – though in rare circumstances depending on the size of your organisation we may need to discuss an upper threshold.

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No – everyone on your list must be from @youruniversity.ac.uk.

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No, you will need to take out your own separate subscription.

Can I set an auto-forward rule to colleagues inside or outside my organisation?

You are free to forward the email to someone you think may be interested, but an auto-forward rule would violate our terms of use. Please let us know if you would like to add additional colleagues to the service.