Wonkhe Clearing-watch 2022

We'll be updating this regularly during the early part of Clearing.

David Kernohan is Deputy Editor of Wonkhe

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JCQ+8 notes: This is where we’ll be leaving things this year – though many 18 year old applicants will find places and many providers will be glad to take them in the weeks ahead the trends are set and the story is visible. This was a bumper year for placement, and a bumper year for the unplaced. The Clearing proportion is back to 2019 levels, and you get the sense that more selective providers are back in control of their intake. Curiously, the number of international students in clearing is the highest ever.

JCQ+7 notesA little over 1,000 extra 18 year old applicants (mostly English domiciled) entered clearing today, demonstrating that although the main volume of clearing is mostly done admission teams are still hard at work and prospective students are making decisions. A part of this may be due to the late release of BTEC results. Generally in Clearing around 10 per cent of English 18 year olds are still without an offer at this point, in 2022 this figure is 13.08 per cent.

JCQ+6 notes: As we approach the one week anniversary of results day, 17.18 per cent of 18 year old applicants (some 66,560) are still free to be placed in clearing, the highest proportion on record. In Wales 800 18 year old applicants have been placed through clearing, with just 1,630 (12.82 per cent) still looking for a place.

JCQ+5 notes: A further 3,620 18 year olds have been placed through clearing over the last 24 hours – with 66,370 still looking for a place. That latter remains a historically high number, but it is also worth noting that in numerical terms there are more students who have been placed at their firm or insurance choice than in any year other than 2021.

JCQ+4 notes: There’s clearly been a lot of clearing action over the weekend. We’ve now got 5.67 per cent of 18 year old applicants placed via Clearing – a higher proportion than last year (and in line with pre-pandemic trends) and the highest number at this point in the cycle since 2019. Interestingly, 500 18 year olds who had initially confirmed an Insurance place have now been placed elsewhere, suggesting that self-release is not proving as popular as may have initially been hoped. There are still 67, 950 18 year olds looking for a place in clearing.

JCQ+1 notes: At 20.7 per cent, there is a greater proportion of 18 year old applicants in Clearing than ever before. We’ve seen slight rises in the proportion who have taken up their firm or insurance offer later on results day, which must suggest that at least some of the rise is due to people declining their offers and attempting to find something different. Around 1.9 per cent of 18 year olds have found a place in Clearing at this point – more than in 2020 or 2021, but not quite up to 2019 figures. Interestingly 2022 has the largest number (some 19,150) international 18 year olds in Clearing on record.


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