Wonkhe Pass is our suite of information and briefing services, going deeper to keep you and everyone in your organisation ahead of everything going on in UK HE.


Wonkhe Pass gives your whole organisation access to Wonkhe’s services with no cap on users. There’s something for every level of interest – from our quarterly policy updates valued by lay governors, to our daily briefings that vice chancellors and their senior teams depend on.

Wonkhe Daily

Our essentially daily briefing you receive every morning with the latest news, analysis and commentary. If your organisation is already subscribed to the Wonkhe Daily, you can add yourself here.

Wonkhe Live

Exclusive monthly briefing events held online and hosted by our team of HE specialists and guests from policy and politics.

Quarterly policy updates

Our regular overview of policy changes and trends over the course of the year – ideal for those that can’t follow the daily twists and turns.

Wonkhe events

Discounts to all of our events – online and offline – including our flagship festival of HE: Wonkfest.

Reach new talent with jobs

Free jobs posting on the Wonkhe jobs board and further discounts on promotional campaigns.

Everyone’s invited

We target our services at a range of different expertise and engagement levels and Wonkhe Pass enables you to ensure that everyone from your board of governors to your faculty deans are kept in the loop.

What people say
The Wonkhe Daily is as fortifying as a bowl of porridge: full of goodness, it sets you up for the day. With clockwork regularity, it sets out the day’s agenda. Like daily porridge, you know you shouldn’t be without it.
Professor Chris Husbands
Vice Chancellor, Sheffield Hallam University
The Wonkhe Daily is the one thing that I make sure I read every single day. It’s a short, astute, and often amusing guide to everything that’s going on in and around HE – essential reading.
Professor Alistair Fitt
Vice Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University
The Wonkhe Daily often helps with our thinking for the short and longer term – and on occasion provides some levity to the complex and sometimes incoherent world of higher education.
Professor Julie Lydon
Vice Chancellor, University of South Wales
Your questions answered

What is Wonkhe Pass?


A suite of information and briefing services to keep you and everyone in your organisation ahead of everything going on in UK HE. Wonkhe Pass is targeted at universities, businesses, government departments and anyone else with a strong interest in the future of UK higher education.

It works as an annual subscription which gives you organisation-wide access to our services with no limits on users. Anyone in your organisation can use the service to deepen their knowledge about what’s happening in higher education and what it all means.

How much does a Wonkhe Pass subscription cost?


Subscription costs vary by type of organisation. Contact us using the form on this page for more information and to discuss your options.

Can we test Wonkhe Pass before subscribing?


Yes. Contact us using the form below and we will arrange a trial, offering as many elements of Wonkhe Pass as we can to as many members of your organisation as you wish for a fixed period. A member of Team Wonkhe can also be available to brief you or your team about how to maximise the benefits of subscribing.

Is it possible to sign up to specific elements of Wonkhe Pass?


No, Wonkhe Pass is only available as one subscription package.

My organisation is already subscribed to Wonkhe Pass or the Wonkhe Daily, can add I myself?


If your organisation is already subscribed to the Wonkhe Daily (no longer available by itself) or Wonkhe Pass, you can add yourself here.

I do not work in a university or a company that will purchase a subscription, is Wonkhe Pass still available to me?


Almost certainly, get in touch and we’ll try and make something work for you.

How long is the subscription contract period?


A minimum of twelve months.

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