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Fifty more TEF results have landed, as OfS clears most of the pending backlog

David Kernohan is Deputy Editor of Wonkhe

Do try to contain your excitement as 50 more OfS registered providers have been neatly slotted in to the Office for Students quadrennial tri-metallic calculus of teaching prowess.

Yes, the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) is just two providers away from being complete (hats off to Arden University and David Game College for prolonging the unprolongable appeals process). In all, we have fifty new formerly-pending results to admire today:

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Of the new additions just five have managed a gold award, with twenty-five on silver, nineteen bronzes, and one overall requires improvement. Despite previous messages about appeals only concerning the wording of the panel report, it’s fairly well established that many providers appealed for (and a few got) upgrades from the initial award.

If you are wondering just what the panel would say about a “requires improvement rating” you’ll have to wait a little longer – the statements and submission pertaining to the former pending providers will be published “in due course”.

Though old TEF and new TEF awards aren’t really comparable, it is notable overall that it appears to be harder to get a gold and easier to get a silver than previously. It does feel like previous performance is a decent (if imperfect) predictor of the current round.

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