PODCAST: Augar delay, access, casualisation, grammar schools

This week on the podcast we consider the implications of another delay to the government’s response to the Augar review of post-18 fees and funding.  There’s a suite of new reports out on access, we look at casualisation, and DK has been poring over new LEO data.

With Mary Curnock Cook, independent higher education expert, and Nick Petford, Vice Chancellor of the University of Northampton


Items this week


“Yes, but how does it extrapolate” is a new segment from the people who brought you “yes, but does it correlate”. It celebrates a slow news day at The Times over Christmas, where a decision was made to extrapolate the rise in first class degrees from a massive four data points to come up with an exciting headline.

This week: In December The Times famously predicted all graduates in England would get a First Class honours degree by 2030 – and used only 4 data points to do so. We now have an extra data point from HESA, so – if we add that, for a grand total of 5 data points – in what year would we be predicting firsts for all?

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