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True Crime on Campus §41: Lock ins

Time for some all new True Crime on Campus.
This article is more than 9 years old

Paul Greatrix is Registrar at The University of Nottingham, author and creator of Registrarism and a Contributing Editor of Wonkhe.

Spring has sprung and it’s time for all new True Crime on Campus

So things may be warming up but our ever-active Security Team still has some rather hard work to do rescuing various individuals:

1045 Security Officers stopped a motorcycle which had a pillion passenger who was not wearing a helmet. Both were students and will be reported to the Head of Security.

Locked in
Locked in

2310 Security were contacted by a person who had been locked in Jubilee Campus Sports Centre. Staff had not checked the changing rooms before locking up for the evening. The person was released. Sports Centre Management to be informed.

0100 Report of Students causing a nuisance outside Hall. Security attended and asked those involved to stop making a noise.

1300 Report that the parent of a student was trapped in a toilet in Hall. Security Officers attended and were unable to get the door to open. Officers forced the door to release the parent, Estates Help Desk and Hall Manager to be informed.

0355 Patrol Security Officer spoke to the occupants of a vehicle parked adjacent to Jubilee Sports Centre. The occupants were unable to give a valid reason for being at the location and were told to leave.

1000 Report of a Goose feeling unwell adjacent to DHL. Security attended and called the RSPCA. At 1100 the Goose died. Grounds Staff were called to remove the Goose.

0240 Security were called to a disturbance at Hall. On arrival two Students were shouting at each other due to a misunderstanding regarding a room. A Student aggressively knocked on the wrong door and the occupant was not happy. Security managed to calm the situation down and both returned to their rooms. Warden informed.

0525 Report of a smell coming from the Fridge in the Building Attendant’s Office, Sir Clive Granger Building. Security attended and unplugged the Fridge. Security are to follow up.

Not again
Not again

1805 Report of a person stuck in the lift in SRB, Security attended and released the person. Morris Vermaport were called out.

2145 Report of water on the floor of the toilets in Hallward Library, Security Officers attended and cleaned up the water. Estates Help Desk to be informed.

0030 Report that a Student had banged his head on a Radiator in his room in Hall. Security attended and spoke to the Student who had consumed a large amount of Alcohol. The Student stated that they were not injured and did not wish to be taken to Hospital. A friend stated that they would stay with him.

1800 Report that signage associated with the Tram had blown over damaging a vehicle belonging to a member of Staff. Security attended and spoke to the owner. Security are to follow up.

1135 Report that two HGVs were stuck between L3 and L4. Security attended and the Police had to be called to assist in getting the vehicles backed out onto the Ring Road. The Estates Directorate are aware and are following up.

An easy mistake to make
An easy mistake to make

1642 Report of no lighting in a student’s bathroom in Hall. Security attended. The cause was due to a blown light bulb and the Student was advised to speak to the Hall Porter.

1240 Report that a Student had been seen urinating into a Photocopier in Hall the previous evening. Security attended. The Student has been identified and admitted to urinating into the machine. The Hall Warden is to be informed.

Let’s hope that the photocopier thing doesn’t catch on.

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