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True Crime on Campus §17: Best of 2011

True Crime on Campus §17: Best of 2011 (and a poll) 2011 has been an extremely busy year for our hard working Security staff. As the following extracts from real security reports show, almost anything can happen on campus. These are some of my favourites from the past year (note there’s an exciting interactive bit … Continued
This article is more than 12 years old

True Crime on Campus §17: Best of 2011 (and a poll)

2011 has been an extremely busy year for our hard working Security staff. As the following extracts from real security reports show, almost anything can happen on campus. These are some of my favourites from the past year (note there’s an exciting interactive bit at the end):

0200 Report of a cat in the Pope Building. Security attended and removed the cat.

0858 Report that a Student had collapsed at Lenton and Wortley Hall – Security attended. The Student was on her feet when Security arrived. The Student stated that she had cut her finger and fainted.

2315 Report of a drunken Student attempting to enter Lenton and Wortley Hall. Security attended. On arrival the Student was spoken to she was found to have been resident in the Hall last year and was so drunk she had forgotten that she lived in the City this year. A Taxi was arranged to take her to her new address.

1026 Report that the Table Tennis Table in Nightingale Hall had gone missing. Security are to follow up.wonkhe table tennis

1540 Further to the report of the Table Tennis Table going missing from Nightingale Hall, Security have been able to trace it to a Student’s room within Nightingale Hall. The Warden has been informed.

22:15 Security were called to Rutland Hall as five males, one of whom did not have any clothes on, were making a noise in a hall and one urinating in the Quad. They were all third and fourth year students and had no reason to be there. The naked student had left the area when Security attended. Warden to be informed.

2350 Patrol Security spoke to two males outside the Mooch Bar for urinating into a bin. They were identified an told that they would be reported for urinating on a public place.

1937 Report of a naked male in the Nottingham Medical School. Security attended – the male could not be found. Cleaning Staff reported that the male was naked in the open area of the male toilets. Security are to follow up.

2200 Report of males acting suspiciously in the area of Derby / Lincoln Halls. Security attended and the area was checked. The only person found was a Student urinating up the side of a Block at Lincoln Hall. The Warden is to be informed.

wonkhe cake worm1325 Report of an argument taking place at the Costa Cafe in the Portland Building. On arrival Security Officers were informed that a Customer was complaining that there were worms in a cake they had purchased. Security Officers and the Staff at the Cafe examined the cake and no worms were found. The Customer was provided with a replacement cake.

1735 Security received a complaint of a couple in the male toilet adjacent to the Senate Chamber making a film. Security Officers attended and after banging on the door to the toilet a couple came out. They were spoken to by Security Officers they were given advice. The male was told to get dressed.

14:20 Routine Security patrol found that windows on LG at Trent had all of the putty removed. Security secured the rooms. Help desk notified.

2040 Report of a white van acting suspiciously at Lenton and Wortley Hall Security attended the area was checked the vehicle was not found.

It is important to note that both of the following reports have been strongly denied by members of the societies concerned:

This will make it to the Olympics one day
This will make it to the Olympics one day

2230 Report of noise coming from the Quidditch Match being played at the rear of Lincoln Hall. Security attended and spoke to the players.

2045 Report of a student with a cut to his face in the Portland Building. Security Officers attended and gave First Aid. The student reported that he had been playing Hide and Seek as part of an event with the Hide and Soc Society when he had banged his face while hiding behind a chair. An accident form will be submitted.

Strange things tend to happen when fancy dress is involved:

22:30 Security were informed that a group of students dressed as tigers were threatened by a male in a blue car. The students had shaken a stuffed whale at the car, the car stopped and the driver got out of the vehicle and walked towards his boot to get something out. The passenger had stopped him and then they drove off. Security made a search of the campus but car was not found.

wonkhe chicken suit21:10 It was reported that a group of Students had been seen in fancy dress complete with a baseball bat. Security located the Students in Ancaster Hall bar, Security approached the Student with the baseball bat and advised him it was not an ideal accessory for a night out. Student was told he could collect it in the morning from the Security Office. Student was apologetic and polite throughout.

21:45 It was reported that 25 drunk male students dressed as chickens were destroying the bar at Willoughby Hall. On arrival the Willoughby Hall tomb stone had been ripped up and lying in the middle of the road. The Students were outside and heading in the direction of Florence Boot Hall. On arrival the Students were refused entry, after some initial arguing they moved on in the direction of Cut Through Lane. They caused general disruption to the traffic flow stopping cars and the hopper bus. Due to the Students separating it was not possible to take names. They headed towards the Trent Building, Mooch bar were advised not to let them enter. The Students then headed towards the downs and not seen again.

And these, you just couldn’t predict:

09:30 1 Security asked a group of youths to leave Jubilee Campus as they were drinking brandy. Security removed the bottle and escorted them towards the gate where they were joined by more youths and they were all getting rowdy. Security called for assistance and youths soon left Campus.

0610 Report of youths throwing stones and exposing themselves on Beeston Lane Security attended and stopped four males one of whom is a Student. Two of the group including the Student admitted to exposing themselves to motorists as they drove past them. A file will be submitted to the Head of Security.

1130 Patrol Security Officer at Jubilee Campus observed a vehicle parked causing an obstruction adjacent to Melton Hall. The Officer went up to the vehicle when he observed that the vehicle was occupied and that the occupants were having sex in the rear of the vehicle. The Officer alerted the occupants to his presence and, when they were dressed, he warned them about the parking and behaviour.

15:45 Security received a report regarding the parking at Cripps Hall. On investigation Security found cars parked on the grass and a group of Students having a party with a swimming pool and water slide. After talking to the group they said they had got permission from the hall porter to do this. The hall porter was contacted and permission was not given. Students removed the pool and slide.

2340 Security were called to Nightingale Hall where a visitor had arrived to see her friend who was supposed to be a student at this University. Security attended and after speaking the visitor and checks made on our Student database plus further checks with Trent University it was found that the visitor was at the wrong University. The visitor had also lost her all of her belongings on the train to Nottingham and had no way of getting to her friend’s accommodation. The Security Supervisor took her in a Security vehicle.

So which is your favourite? I’ve got five special ones for you to vote on below (never done a poll before so hoping it works). Or you could suggest your own.

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Let’s hope for more of the same in 2012.

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