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Sam Gyimah’s first tour date

Louis Coiffait had a front-row seat for the sector’s first audience with its new minister, and despite being told “we’re not going to be friends”, it ended with a handshake.

Supporting students who work

Kate Bowen-Viner explains why she studies full-time and works full-time, and why others might do so too

Robin Hood and the American dream

After nine years working in three different international schools, Jonathan Owen compares the differences in ethos behind university admissions processes in different countries, with a particular focus on UK and US higher education admissions.

Has employability become a toxic brand?

Mike Grey of GradConsult explains how ‘employability’ has become lost in translation, and that accountability for graduate outcomes must be shared

The case for a major review of higher education

As the Prime Minister moves forward with her “major review” of higher education, Aaron Porter looks at the lessons from recent history to make the case for a review that works.

We need realistic evaluations of HE access

Lauren Bellaera of the Brilliant Club outlines how more realistic WP evaluations can improve our understanding of what is effective in different contexts.

Open data is about more than a licence

HESA’s latest statistical first release tries out a new presentational format. Wonkhe’s David Kernohan is old, and thus unhappy with change in any form. And where are the UKPRNs?

Students: bring your pets to campus

It’s a dog’s (cat’s, snake’s, guinea pig’s) life for Paul Greatrix has he takes a look at US initiatives to allow students to stay on campus with their pet, as a recruitment tool.

What’s in Sam Gyimah’s in-tray?

We have a new Minister for Higher Education – but who is he, and what will be the big issues awaiting his attention? David Kernohan runs down his CV and sneaks a peak into his in-tray

Happy new regulatory regime

Paul Greatrix doesn’t see much new year cheer as the advent of the Office for Students and a new approach to regulation suggested an increased institutional burden.

Open Research in 2018, real or fake news?

The announcement of an Open Research Europe platform, to be linked to Horizon 2020, is just the latest example of a trend for research funders to own their own means of publication. Neil Jacobs from Jisc asks how many swallows make a summer.

New Year data resolutions

HESA’s Andy Youell stops off on his way to the gym to suggest some New Year’s resolutions for managing your institutional data.

Burning books on Boxing Day

Andrew McRae adds some light to the latest heated draft about free speech in universities