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Too much data, not enough insight

Institutions need to get to know their own data and systems a bit better if they want to realise benefits for students and their bottom line. Ant Bagshaw talks to KPMG experts from the health sector, and draws interesting parallels.

What prospect researchers really do

Some parts of the press paint prospect research as a suspicious business. But – as Madeleine Harwood explains – it’s just a way to get the most value from fundraising campaigns, and to match donors with causes they have an interest in.

The big Budget choices that the Chancellor faces

Gordon McKenzie, CEO of GuildHE and former civil servant remembers what Budget week is like inside a government department – and details the difficult conversations that the Chancellor will be having this week.

Is there evidence for bias in admissions?

UCAS has been working with the higher education sector to explore minimising the risks to fair admission from unconscious bias. Ben Jordan, a senior policy executive at UCAS, writes about some positive findings during two years of research.

We need fairer fees

Peter Lampl of the Sutton Trust urges the Chancellor to consider a new approach to tuition fees.

What are words worth?

Seasoned communication professional Ezri Carlebach demonstrates why language matters.

Understanding student contracts

Student contracts are far from a new idea – Dennis Farrington takes us through some of the history, and explains just what kind of contract we are talking about.

What sort of TEF do students really want?

A consortium of students’ unions has seriously investigated what students want from TEF, with some interesting results that could have wide consequences for the debate.

Name the new sector agency: we have a winner

We asked you for suggestions for the name of the sector’s newest mega-agency. And, wow, did you ever deliver! We announce our top five, and a worthy winner.