Who’s in clearing? (pre-results day 2021 edition)

Some providers have already declared themselves out of Clearing this year. For larger providers in England, here's the state of play as of the day before results day.

David Kernohan is Associate Editor of Wonkhe


I’m predicting two things tomorrow – more applicants successful in getting a place on their “firm” choice of provider and course, and less choice in clearing for those who do not.

We don’t find out about the first one till the morning, but here’s the state of play as of 6pm on 9 August 2021 as to who has spaces available via clearing and who does not, according to the UCAS search engine that will shortly be tested to the limits of its performance.

[Full screen]


I literally read through every one of 26 odd pages and made marks manually. There’s got to be an easier way to get to this information somehow – but I’ve not found it. Any errors are thus the fault of my tired eyes.

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