Research England allocations 2021-22

We've details of allocations for 2021-22 - so I thought I'd plot them for you so you can see how much your provider can look forward to.

David Kernohan is Associate Editor of Wonkhe

Here you go:

[Full screen]

As per the Research England note on the 30th, we’ve a total of £2,466m being handed out – including £132m of what are likely to be very welcome single year grants. I know that I’m combining on one dashboard the academic year based grants (QR, HEIF, CCF…) and financial year (the single year grants, policy support, capital) allocations, but this dashboard lets you see everything on one screen for ease of reference..

Away from the one off new funds the message is one of stability and continuity – though a repeat of 2020s double allocation was too much to hope for we are at the same fundamental level.

This is, I suspect, the last year of QR based on the previous REF results – with new information arriving next year future allocations will be based on an updated measure of research excellence.

The full Research England publication is here.

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  1. Apologies if I’ve got this wrong, but it looks like you’ve missed out the Additional QR Business Research Element funding from this?

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