PODCAST: Free speech, UCAS data, HE SMEs, student data

This week on the podcast we discuss HE SMEs, UCAS data, a report on freedom of expression and chat how students feel about the use of their data.

This week on the podcast we discuss the state of independent higher education providers, analyse UCAS’ new self-release function for applications, examine a report from King’s College London on student perceptions of freedom of expression and chat about HEPI’s new research into how students feel about the use of their data.

With Johnny Rich, Chief Executive of Push and Chief Executive of the Engineering Professors’ Council; Andy Youell, HE data specialist; and Debbie McVitty, Editor at Wonkhe.

Yes, but does it correlate?

There’s a peculiarity about the 2012/13 graduating cohort in England – we have data about their destinations by institution after one year from the initial experimental LEO release, and after three and a half years from the longitudinal DLHE. But when you plot the two together is there a relationship? Yes but does it correlate.

The answer is no, not really. R squared is 0.23, suggesting a very limited relationship. Part of the difference might be explained by changes over time – though there is a much stronger relationship if you plot two arbitrary years of LEO data. But I’d also suggest that there is a reporting difference between survey and administrative data approaches.

Data is from HESA and DfE, and is for England only. And where the data doesn’t exist, I’ve not plotted it.

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