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On the podcast this week we talk about Chris Skidmore’s intervention into student accommodation not ready for the new term, and his letter to Research England about the future of UK research. We dig into what’s changed in the two years since UUK set up its harassment and hate crime task force, and discuss HEPI’s new report into how students view the Augar Review.

With Andy Youell, strategic data advisor; Shân Wareing, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education) at London South Bank University; and David Kernohan, Associate Editor at Wonkhe.

Items this week

Items this week:

Yes, but does it correlate?

With accomodation in the air this weeks question is very simple – I’ve plotted the total number of students in an institution against the percentage of these students living in halls, be they privatly or institutionally owned. Are larger providers more likely to have students in halls? Does it correlate?

The answer is no. R squared is 0.09. So what is going on here? My initial thought was that there could be a regional effect – but there’s no real change in looking at correlation for any individual region (for London, R squared is 0.02). It’s also been suggested that there would be more of a correlation for pre-92 providers – there’s actually less (r squared is 0.006). So whatever preconceptions you had about the type of provider that had halls, forget them.

Data is from HESA for 2017-18.


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