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This week we dive into Unite Students and HEPI’s new report on transition into university, Gavin Williamson’s letter to the Office for Students, and the barriers faced by Black PhD students, and discuss whether Freshers’ week needs a rethink.

With Jenny Shaw, Student Experience Director at Unite Students, Pete Quinn, former board member at AMOSSHE and now HE consultant, and Wonkhe Associate Editor Jim Dickinson

This week’s items:

Correlation: This week, like many, my attention has been on the way the UK HE sector interacts with the European Union. I have data for the number of non-UK EU students in the sector, and the amount of EU government research funding, for each institution. Can I use one to predict the other? Does it correlate?

There is a moderate correlation. R squared is 0.46 – as you might expect, providers that do a lot of (non research council funded) research do a lot of EU research, and tend to have more students and thus more EU students. In this instance there is a correlation but no clear causation. I’ve also plotted the annual change for each number – there we see no correlation, but it’s still a fascinating graph. Data is from HESA – and where data doesn’t exist, I’ve not plotted it.

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