NSS, DMU, new SU officers

This week on the podcast we take a detailed look at this year’s NSS results and discuss priorities for incoming students’ officers.
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This week we dive into the Office for Students’ annual report and look at wider issues of governance surrounding the OfS investigation into De Montfort University. We take a detailed look at this year’s National Student Survey results and – it’s that time of year – we discuss priorities for incoming students’ officers.

With Mary Curnock Cook, former chief executive of UCAS, Pete Quinn, former board member at AMOSSHE and now HE consultant, and Wonkhe’s Editor-in-Chief, Founder and CEO Mark Leach.

Items this week:

Correlate: With both LEO and NSS dropping in the past week or so I couldn’t pass up the chance to put the two together. Looking at the much maligned creative arts graduates, from the class of 2014-15 I plotted median salary one year after graduation against overall satisfaction, as measured by % agree in the NSS. Would institutions where students are more satisfied also see graduates with better paid jobs? Does it correlate?

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