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Augar’s cost, tertiary and legal action

How much would Augar really cost? Would it help with social mobility? And also on the podcast this week - what can we learn from a £60k student complaint settlement?
This article is more than 2 years old

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This week we count the costs associated with the Augar review of post-18 education and funding, and question whether there really is a gulf between higher and further education. We look at what Augar means for social mobility, and discuss a legal settlement involving a former Anglia Ruskin University student dissatisfied with the quality of her “Mickey Mouse” course.

With Michelle Morgan of Bournemouth University; Philip Plowden, Vice Chancellor of Birmingham City University; and Wonkhe’s Jim Dickinson.

Items this week:

Welcome to yes, but does it correlate – the podcast segment that has ruled itself out of the conservative leadership battle. With all this week’s talk of funding models I thought I’d look at the difference between the last two – does teaching income (from fees and funding council grants) in 2011-12 correlate with teaching income in 2017-18? What has been the difference in the shape of sector income for teaching since we lost the student number cap and gained a higher fee cap? Does it correlate?

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