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Grade inflation, loneliness, mergers, Peterson

Is grade inflation a problem? Our podcast guests discuss Damian Hinds' “intervention” on the issue, as well as student loneliness and university mergers and acquisitions.
This article is more than 2 years old

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Is grade inflation the problem that Damian Hinds claims it is? This week on the podcast we discuss DfE’s “intervention” on the issue, as well as research on student loneliness and the issue of institutional mergers and acquisitions. We also cover the University of Cambridge’s withdrawal of a two-month fellowship for Jordan Peterson.

With David Morris of the University of Greenwich; Rebecca Lowe of the Institute of Economic Affairs; and Wonkhe’s own Mark Leach.

Items this week:

This week we return to the thorny question of head of institution pay – just what is it that determines the relative rate of pay for our well-renumerated friends in the offices with the thick carpets? I’ve plotted Head of Institution pay for 2017-18 against the increase in the level of institutional financial reserves between August 2016 and July 2018. I’ve excluded Oxford and Cambridge as outliers.

Yes, but does it correlate?

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