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True Crime on Campus §45: Beasts of UoN

It's a jungle out there. As this collection of campus incidents involving animals shows.
This article is more than 8 years old

Paul Greatrix is Registrar at The University of Nottingham, author and creator of Registrarism and a Contributing Editor of Wonkhe.

It’s a jungle out there…

In a desperate tie-in with the new ‘Beasts of UoN’ calendar (available from all good commercial outlets on campus) here’s a selection of all new animal-related incidents on campus plus a few old favourites from the past few years. They all feature animals (the #BeastOfUoN ) which, one way or another, our ever-willing Security team have had to deal with. Warning: not all of the incidents end well…


1745 Report that a horse was trapped in a horse box on the Sutton Bonington Campus, Security attended. The horse had reared up and got stuck, Fire Service were called out. The horse managed to free itself, Fire Service were stood down.

1530 Report of a horse running loose on roads adjacent to Sutton Bonington Campus. Security attended and the Horse was returned to its stable.

1640 Report of a group of youths attempting to catch and kill squirrels on the bridge over Highfields Lake, Security attended but the youths could not be located. A member of the Public had called the Police as the youths had spat in her face.

1810 Report of a bird in Chatsworth House, Security attended but the bird could not be made to leave. Estates Help Desk informed.

1639 Report of a pigeon in Business School North, Security attended and escorted the pigeon from the Building.

1300 Report of a dog chasing geese adjacent to Highfield Lake, Security attended. University Staff had spoken to the owners of the dog. The owners did not like being spoken to and attempted to push our Staff out of the way before leaving the area.

2201 Report that there were the remains of two rabbits adjacent to the gate onto Woodside Road by Ancaster Hall. Security attended – the remains were from persons unknown skinning and cleaning two rabbits. Security Officers disposed of the remains.

0912 Report from a member of the public that their black labrador had run off while on University Park. The dog’s name is Sophie, Security Officers were asked to look out for the dog.

Wonkhe herding sheep

1150 Report that sheep had got out of a field adjacent to St Michaels Flats, Security attended and with farm staff were able to get the sheep back into the field and repair a broken fence.

2030 Report of a wasps nest in Lincoln Hall, Security attended – the Hall Porter stated that they would report the nest to Estates Help Desk on Monday morning.

2100 Report of flying ants in Melton Hall, Security attended on arrival the Hall Porter had killed the Ants. The hole the Ants were using to get into the Hall will be reported to Estates Help to block up.

1510 A member of the public contacted Security asking if Officers had seen his cat. Officers were given a description and asked to contact the person if their cat is seen.The person was on their way home from the PDSA when they stopped on Highfields Park. The cat was able to escape and run off.

0905 Report of a dog running loose adjacent to Hallward Library, Security attended the area was searched the dog could not be located.

And some favourites from the archives:

1410 Patrol Security Officers observed a duck in distress adjacent to Keighton Hill Auditorium. As Officers approached the duck it was clear that her ducklings were trapped under a manhole cover. Officers contacted Estates, members of the Direct Labour team attended, lifted the manhole cover, climbed down and retrieved the ducklings. Once all were recovered the duck took the ducklings away.

1615 Report that Sheep had escaped from a field at Sutton Bonington Campus, Security attended and with the assistance from Students was able to get the Sheep back into the field. The Farm Manager was informed the fence was repaired.

1201 Report of a Blackbird with an injury adjacent to Cripps Hall, Security attended and the Blackbird was located. Officers contacted the RSPCA for advice. Officers were told to leave the bird where it was.

2348 Report of mini insects in a room in Hall. The resident asked for Security to attend. On arrival Officers suggested that the student close the window.

Wonkhe mouse

1210 Report that a Resident had a mouse in the flat. They stated that they had caught the mouse and put it outside but it kept coming back in. Security attended. Estates Help Desk to be informed.

2215 Report of a pigeon hiding behind a sofa in the Amenities Building Jubilee Campus. Security attended and the pigeon was removed from the Building.

1310 Report of sheep escaped from a field adjacent to Sutton Bonington Campus. Security attended the Farm Manager was contacted. The Sheep do not belong to the University – the owner was contacted and informed.

1720 Report of a distressed swan in the Road adjacent to Melton Hall Security attended and moved the swan onto the grassed area. The swan appeared to be uninjured and was eating the grass. Officers checked later on the Swan it had left the area.

1950 Request from resident regarding birds in his chimney. Security attended and the bird – a Jackdaw – was apprehended by Officers. The Jackdaw was released by Officers after being removed from the House. At the request of the occupant Contractors were called out to board up the fireplace.

1332 Report of a dog running loose on the grassed area adjacent to DHL. Security attended and an Officer caught the dog but the Council were unable to collect the Dog until Monday. The Officer who caught the Dog decided to take the animal home until it could be collected by the Council.

1340 Report of a male strangling Ducks at the Jubilee Campus. Officers attended and spoke to the male who denied it. There was no evidence to confirm the report. The male was told to leave Campus.

1310 Report that there was a dog in Highfield Lake in distress. Security attended and on arrival Officers observed a male with the dog. The male was spoken to and confirmed he was the owner and he had jumped into the lake to save his dog.

2030 Report that a Falconer who was giving a display at Hall had lost one of his Kestrels. He asked that any sighting of the bird which is described as about the size of a Blackbird with red, grey and brown marking be passed on to him.

2354 Intruder alarm Hallward Library. Cause of activation due to a bat having flown into the area. Security attended. Officers were able to get the bat to leave the Building.

1038 Report of a Dog trapped on the ice on Highfields Lake, Security attended and with Council Grounds Staff were able to rescue to Dog and return it to its owner.


0800 Report of a male with a rifle adjacent to Lenton and Wortley Hall, Security attended the area was searched the male could not be located. On the 16/05/15 at approximately 0800 Security Officers were in this area on observations to see if the male returned. The male was seen stopped and spoken to by Security. The rifle was in fact a camera with a telephoto lens. The male was a member of Staff who had been asked to take photographs for a University Calendar and was trying to photograph a Woodpecker.

There’s enough excitement for a zoo there. You can find plenty more in pictures over at the Beasts of UoN Tumblr.

Don’t forget to buy a calendar!

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