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TEF Awards 2018 – Full list

The results of TEF3 - 2018's TEF in full.
This article is more than 5 years old

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So here we are then – another year, another set of TEF results.


We’ve presented the new (TEF 2018, or TEF3) awards on the first tab. If you want to look at all TEF results across the two years, in the full knowledge that the awards are calculated using a different process and the two iterations are not comparable, use the other tab. We’ll add more features to this list as we dig in to the data some more.

Everything here is sortable by institution type (which includes mission group where we have it), region, and nation.

Here’s the proportion of bronze, silver, and gold awards – you can look at TEF overall, TEF2 (2017) or TEF3 (2018) by using the slider on the right.

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  1. Where is the list of institutions that applied for a TEF3 rating but were not given any – not even a Provisional?

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