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PODCAST: Disabled students, new providers, diverse governors, Conservative conference

This week on the podcast we reflect on a new report on disabled students and discuss "new providers" in the HE "market"
This article is more than 2 years old

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This week on the podcast the panel reflects on a new report on the experience of disabled students in higher education.

There is also discussion on the HE “market” and new providers, the diversity of HE governing bodies and Conservative party conference.

With Ian Dunn, Provost at Coventry University and Anne-Marie Canning, CEO at the Brilliant Club.

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In data analysis it is always fun to do things you are told not to, so I thought I’d compare Graduate Outcomes data with the most recent DLHE data set. I’m looking at graduates from all UG programmes in full time employment and/or further study by provider, but remember I am looking (for DLHE) at data collected 6 months after graduation, and (for Graduate Outcomes) 18 months afterwards.

But is there a correlation between the official statistics for 16-17, and those for 17-18. Does it correlate?

Surprisingly, the answer is no. R squared is 0.035, so almost no correlation. There’s lots of reasons why this might be – a different survey with a different collection methodology after all – but the graph is fascinating. Overwhelmingly, the shift to the graduate outcomes methodology flatters the Russell Group in comparison to the rest of the sector – but in nearly all cases providers do worse in Graduate Outcomes than in DLHE on this measure. Data is from HESA, and where the data doesn’t exist in both measures, I’ve not plotted it.

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