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End the university closed shop now!

Break the closed shop of UK higher education. Setting up a new university really couldn't be easier with Uni In A Box.
This article is more than 6 years old

Paul Greatrix is Registrar at The University of Nottingham, author and creator of Registrarism and a Contributing Editor of Wonkhe.

Break the mould with a new university. In a box.

The UK university sector should be open to new types of institution and stop being such a “closed shop”, says leading academic AC Grayling.

Prof Grayling is the head of the New College of the Humanities, which wants to gain degree-awarding powers.

Under the current system, Prof Grayling says it is “virtually impossible” to set up a new university.

Challenge that closed shop with this exciting new offer: It’s a university in a box from EazyUni.
With this Uni In A Box you can have your exciting new university project up and running in less than a semester!
Play your part in ending the last closed shop in the UK Annoyed at the requirements of an institutional history, academic track record, legacy of knowledge, experience and investment in HE? Do you see sound guardianship of academic standards and commitment to assuring the quality of student experience as mere irritating details? Frustrated by the boring drawn out requirements of QAA and the Privy council?
If you are in a hurry to get that university title and challenge the cosy higher education consensus in the UK then look no further than EazyUni’s Uni In A Box!

Uni In A Box

First stop – instant taught  degree awarding powers. Here are those boring Quality Assurance Agency requirements:

The TDAP criteria are designed to establish that the applicant organisation is a well founded, cohesive and self-critical academic community that can demonstrate firm guardianship of its standards, and that it can engender public confidence in its capacity to maintain the academic standards of the degrees it offers in the UK and, where relevant, overseas.

Applicants must meet the requirements and criteria set out in the 2004 guidance (see below). They must normally be able to demonstrate that:

  • they have had at least four consecutive years’ experience, immediately preceding the year of application, of delivering higher education programmes as part of a validating relationship with a UK higher education institution, at a level at least equivalent to level 6 of The framework for higher education qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (see Quality Code, Chapter A1)
  • the majority of their higher education students are enrolled on study programmes at level 6 (bachelor’s degree with honours) or above.
Tedious, isn’t it? We know how frustrating it can be. So with our patented ‘Turn Back Time’ technology we can provide you with that track record.

More Uni In A Box features:

All the features you need. Straight out of the box.
All the features you need. Straight out of the box.
  • First students enrolled before they’ve even seen your prospectus!
  • Ready made curriculum – just choose the subjects – everything from anthropology to zoology!
  • Academic staff – keen and ready to go – just tell them how much you want them to teach and hoe many 4* publications you would like for REF2020.
  • Choose your own Staff: Student Ratio according to taste/funds.
  • A big well-stocked Library as standard.
  • Each uni comes complete with well-founded laboratories.
  • Ready made regulatory architecture.
  • Your choice of great logo – choose from our traditional crest with latin motto or contemporary cutting edge ranges.
  • Working quality assurance framework.
  • Fully functioning and untroublesome Senate.
  • Finely crafted and hand-tooled governing body.
  • Automatic connection to JANET – just plug and play!
  • Keen to recruit international students? It’s a breeze with our instant HTS package (NB surcharge applies, Follows rules in place at time of going to press.)
  • Choose from a range of vice-chancellors – young and perky to old and grumpy – or take it on yourself. All price points available.
  • Top performance in a range of performance indicators guaranteed so your are TEF ready – whatever the Green Paper says.
  • Fully operating and highly capable Registrar included FREE with all packages.
With Uni In A Box you can have a fully functioning higher education institution ready for Privy Council university title approval in next to no time.
EazyUni’s Uni In A Box – Making the Impossible possible. It really just shouldn’t be that difficult.
NB No funding supplied. Credibility not included, value of degrees in the market place can go down as well as up, Minister is now keen to ensure exits from the sector – no refunds. Ranking not guaranteed
Bye bye closed shop!

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