Wonkhe welcomes five new partners

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Wonkhe (pronounced wonky), the leading blog and online think tank at the heart of the UK higher education debate, is today pleased to announce five new partners.

Shakespeare Martineau, Jisc, University of Exeter, University of Birmingham and Kingston University have now joined Wonkhe.

Wonkhe’s Director and Editor in Chief Mark Leach said: “I am delighted to welcome new partners to Wonkhe. Each will play a critical role in supporting our site and powering our ability to shape the HE debate.“

“Our partnership programme forms the bedrock of our community, which continues to grow in reach largely because of the support of this remarkable group of organisations that work with us to play a proactive role shaping the HE landscape.”

Shakespeare Martineau’s Education Partner Smita Jamdar said: “We are thrilled about our partnership with Wonkhe. Its vibrant, knowledgeable and spirited approach to higher education policy mirrors our own, and we’re really looking forward to working together on a range of projects to support the sector over the next 12 months.”

Paul Feldman, chief executive at Jisc, says: “Wonkhe is fast becoming the go to place for higher education debate. It provides people, policy and political news for anyone interested in higher education, and alongside this offers a wealth of advice. With a currently changing time ahead for universities we are looking forward to working with Wonkhe to bring technology solutions, debate, policy issues and opportunities to the front of people’s minds.”

Jane Chafer, Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs at the University of Exeter says: “Wonkhe plays a vital role in leading the higher education debate, and with so much change and uncertainty for universities now on the horizon, it is essential for the University of Exeter to play its part in ensuring national policy development is as broad, dynamic and effective as possible. We look forward to collaborating with Wonkhe this year to make that happen.”

Professor Adam Tickell, Provost and Vice Principal, University of Birmingham says: “Wonkhe is at the heart of the higher education debate, and with a challenging time ahead for the whole sector, the University of Birmingham is looking forward to working with Wonkhe to help underpin a sound policy environment this year and in to the future.”

Matthew Hilton, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Kingston University added: “With the policy and political environment getting increasingly complicated, it is important for Kingston University to remain at the heart of the debate. Wonkhe plays a critical role in bridging the gap between politics, policymaking and universities, a space in which we are looking forward to collaborating with Wonkhe this year.” 



  1. Shakespeare Martineau, University of Exeter, University of Birmingham, Jisc and Kingston University today join Wonkhe’s existing partners: Minerva, Unite Students, BPP University, GuildHE, University of Lincoln and Birkbeck, University of London.
  2. For more information about Wonkhe and its partnership programme, email Mark Leach mark@wonkhe.com
  3. For all other information about Wonkhe, see our website wonkhe.com

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