Ellen Hazelkorn

Wonkhe-Ellen Hazelkorn
Wonkhe-Ellen Hazelkorn

Ellen Hazelkorn is joint managing partner, BH Associates education consultants, and professor emeritus at the Technological University Dublin. She is joint editor of Policy Reviews in Higher Education, international co-investigator at the Centre for Global Higher Education, London, and research fellow at the Centre for International Higher Education, Boston College.

She has been a member of the Commission on the College of the Future (UK), and the  Strada Education Network/Lumina Foundation Global Postsecondary-Workforce Initiative (USA). She was policy advisor to, and board member of, the Higher Education Authority (Ireland), 2011-2017, and President of EAIR – the European Society for Higher Education (2013-2016).

Recent publications include Relationships between Higher Education and the Labour Market – A Review of Trends, Policies and Good Practices; a UNESCO commissioned study prepared ahead of the third world conference on higher education (forthcoming 2021); Skills and Smart Specialisation. The role of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Learning in Smart Specialisation Strategies (EU, 2019); Maximising universities’ civic contribution. A policy paper (Cardiff: Welsh Centre for Public Policy 2018); and Towards 2030: a framework for building a world-class post- compulsory education system for Wales (Welsh Government, UK 2016).

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