Alan Paull

Partner, Cetis LLP


Alan Paull has been involved in the development and maintenance of courses information standards since the mid-1980s, including working on the new HECoS subject classification to replace JACS, the Superclass and Learndirect subject classification systems and the Sector Subject Areas (SSA) system.

He has worked as a consultant on a variety of projects for Jisc, The Open University, the University of Nottingham, Middlesex University and many other universities and colleges.

He has provided supporting technical skills to many Jisc-funded projects and is a co-author of the eXchanging Course Related Information (XCRI) eProspectus standard.

Current work is primarily focused on helping universities to provide their courses information to 3rd party data collectors, and, as a partner in Cetis, supporting a Jisc project developing a learning analytics service for UK universities and colleges.