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True Crime on Campus §46: Best of 2015

There have been some outstanding examples of True Crime on Campus this year. Which one is your favourite?
This article is more than 8 years old

Paul Greatrix is Registrar at The University of Nottingham, author and creator of Registrarism and a Contributing Editor of Wonkhe.

A year of True Crime.

It’s been an extremely busy year for our outstanding Security staff. They have had to cope with a huge number of challenging situations the best of which have been recorded here over the year. So, here are the highlights:

1640 Report of a group of youths attempting to catch and kill squirrels on the bridge over Highfields Lake, Security attended but the youths could not be located. A member of the Public had called the Police as the youths had spat in her face.

1639 Report of a pigeon in Business School North, Security attended and escorted the pigeon from the Building.

1510 A member of the public contacted Security asking if Officers had seen his cat. Officers were given a description and asked to contact the person if their cat is seen.The person was on their way home from the PDSA when they stopped on Highfields Park. The cat was able to escape and run off.

A calendar featuring pictures (taken with a camera) of some of the #BeastsOfUoN

0800 Report of a male with a rifle adjacent to Lenton and Wortley Hall, Security attended the area was searched the male could not be located. On the 16/05/15 at approximately 0800 Security Officers were in this area on observations to see if the male returned. The male was seen stopped and spoken to by Security. The rifle was in fact a camera with a telephoto lens. The male was a member of Staff who had been asked to take photographs for a University Calendar and was trying to photograph a Woodpecker.

2320 Patrol Security Officers found the water feature at Humanities Building full of bubbles. It appears that persons unknown have put washing up liquid in the water and the fountains and created a large amount of bubbles.

A dangerous game

0950 Security contacted DC regarding door settings for the Barn. Delegates attending a Scrabble tournament were having issues accessing the building.

1200 Report that a Scrabble player required an Ambulance due to tripping over in the Barn. Security attended and Ambulance attended the person was taken to Hospital.

09:00 Security came across a photo shoot located outside the Dearing Building, Jubilee Campus. The photo shoot involved two women pole dancing and a photographer. Security informed them that they had to leave campus, all items packed up and they left campus.

In knots
In knots

1940 Report that a group of children had wrapped string around the legs of a Student as they walked along the pathway adjacent to DHL. Security attended the area was checked the children could not be located.

1450 Report that a number of cards promoting an Adult Film Company had been left in Portland Building. The cards were asking for fun loving males and offering an hourly rate for the work. All of the cards have been removed.

2016 Report that Student had a head injury in Hall, Security attended. The Student stated that she had been lifted up by friends and struck her head on the top of a door frame. The Student stated that they felt unwell and were feeling sick. Security Staff took the Student to Hospital. The Hall Warden is to be informed.

0220 A member of Staff asked Security to check office as they thought they may have left a portable heater on in their office. Security attended and turned the heater off. 1

An easy mistake to make
An easy mistake to make

1240 Report that a Student had been seen urinating into a Photocopier in Hall the previous evening. Security attended. The Student has been identified and admitted to urinating into the machine. The Hall Warden is to be informed.

1000 Security were requested to remove padlocks from the televisions in the Portland Building so that the area could be decorated. The padlocks had a code which no one in the area could remember. The padlocks were removed. The Manager responsible for the area is to obtain new locks.

2010 Report that of a male was swimming in Highfield Lake. Security attended and spoke to the male who stated that he had done this for a dare. The male then got dressed and left the area.

1410 A member of the Public contacted Security to say that the Drone he had been flying had crashed onto the roof of Physics and could he have it back. Security Officers spoke to the member of the Public and stated that the Drone would be recovered on Monday and that they would need to come to the Security Office at Hallward Library to discuss their actions.

0833 Report of the theft of a bonnet and bumper from a vehicle parked in Rutland Hall car park. Security attended Police informed.

A risky breakfast
A risky breakfast

0645 Report of a Student with burns to their arm, Security attended. On arrival Officers spoke to the Student who stated that they had made a Pot Noodle for breakfast. The Student had placed the Pot Noodle on a window sill and then knocked it over themselves causing the burns. An Ambulance was called and attended the Student was taken to Hospital. The Hall Warden is to be informed.

1300 Report that the parent of a student was trapped in a toilet in Hall. Security Officers attended and were unable to get the door to open. Officers forced the door to release the parent, Estates Help Desk and Hall Manager to be informed. 

0525 Report of a smell coming from the Fridge in the Building Attendant’s Office, Sir Clive Granger Building. Security attended and unplugged the Fridge. Security are to follow up.

11:30 Security were informed that a tree was on fire in the Hugh Stewart Quad area. On arrival the tree was well ablaze, Fire Service were called and put out the fire. Fire Safety Officer informed.

23:50 Security received a call from a Hall bar as a first aider was required for a member of staff. She had cut her nose by banging it on the edge of the football table when picking up the ball off the floor. She had a small cut on her nose there was no bleeding, plaster not applied due to position of the cut. Accident form completed. Safety Office informed.

2310 Report that a Student in Hall was unresponsive and had signs of being in a fight. Security attended on arrival Officers spoke to the Student. The Student was drunk and was covered in red paint which was mistaken for the signs of being in a fight. The Student vomited and felt better. He stated that he wanted to sleep. Officers made arrangements for the Tutor to check on the Student.

The trees which some seemed to prefer to a £40m Sports Village
The trees which some seemed to prefer to a £40m Sports Village

1750 A member of the Public contacted the Security Control room stating that he was very angry that the University wanted to cut down the Oak Trees adjacent to the Sports Centre. That caller was lucky they didn’t put him through to the Sports Centre…

So which one is your favourite?

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  1. About 4 years ago when I was at Uni, I also came across two girls and a guy on Jubilee, one of the girls was topless and dancing and grinding on the other girl who was lying down, as the chap took pictures. So it seems this is not an isolated incident x)

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