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True Crime on Campus §40: trees, trees, trees

All new True Crime on Campus, the first of 2015.
This article is more than 9 years old

Paul Greatrix is Registrar at The University of Nottingham, author and creator of Registrarism and a Contributing Editor of Wonkhe.

New Year, New Crime on Campus

First up, the outcome of last year’s poll. The best of True Crime on Campus 2014 resulted in a strong vote for this particular event:

2245 Report of a dead body on the footpath adjacent to the Swimming Pool. Security and Police attended. On arrival a male was found to be drunk and unconscious. The male was woken up and spoken to. He confirmed his details and stated that he had been to a works party on Campus and had far too much to drink. This was confirmed by his line manager. The male was taken home for his own safety by the Police.

But we have all moved on and it’s now a new year. However, there’s no let up for our hard working Security Team who have a whole new set of challenges to face.

1757 Report of a hole in the floor of The Exchange, Security attended and placed a table over the hole Security are to follow up this morning.

11:30 Security were informed that a tree was on fire in the Hugh Stewart Quad area. On arrival the tree was well ablaze, Fire Service were called and put out the fire. Fire Safety Officer informed.

This is a different tree

23:50 Security received a call from a Hall bar as a first aider was required for a member of staff. She had cut her nose by banging it on the edge of the football table when picking up the ball off the floor. She had a small cut on her nose there was no bleeding, plaster not applied due to position of the cut. Accident form completed. Safety Office informed.

1950 Report of youths throwing stones on Jubilee Campus. The youths broke a window on The Atrium and ran away Security Officers are to follow up Police to be informed. Long Eaton Glass called out.
0630 Report of three males attempting to stop vehicles on Beeston Lane Security attended. The males were students trying to stop a taxi to go into the City.

0325 Report from a Hall Tutor that a Student had urinated in the corridor of Hall. The Tutor required assistance in identifying the Student concerned. Security attended and the Student has been identified. The Hall Warden is to be informed

12:49 Security received a report of a group of youths in trees opposite Derby Hall. Security attended and there was no further sign of the youths.

2310 Report that a Student in Hall was unresponsive and had signs of being in a fight. Security attended on arrival Officers spoke to the Student. The Student was drunk and was covered in red paint which was mistaken for the signs of being in a fight. The Student vomited and felt better. He stated that he wanted to sleep. Officers made arrangements for the Tutor to check on the Student.

2155 Report that a Student was locked in Hallward Library. Security attended and released the Student. The Student stated she went to the Toilet and when she came back the building was locked. Library Staff to be informed.

1510 Report that a member of staff was unable to get into their vehicle due to another one parking too close to it. Security attended an Officer was able to get into the vehicle to drive out of the space so that the member of staff could go home.

2255 Report of a person attempting to enter the Arts Centre. Security attended. The male was spoken to by Officers. The male stated he was waiting for a Taxi which was to collect him from the Beeston Hockey Club Christmas Marquee. The male had clearly enjoyed his evening and made his way back to the Marquee.

1920 Report of a water leak in the Swimming Pool Kitchen, Security attended and isolated the leak, Estates Help Desk to be informed.

Careful now.

0025 Report of a puddle of water in Greenfield Library, Security attended. Officers could not detect any leak. A wet floor sign was put out and staff were asked to monitor the area.
11:25 Security received a report from a female student who was stopped by a vehicle on Beeston Lane, University Park. Two males got out of the car shook her hand and asked where the student accommodation was. The student explained that the two males started talking about religion and spoke to her in another language. Both males were wearing shirts with ‘IESU Grist’ meaning ‘Jesus Christ’ in Welsh. The student quickly walked away from the males and thought it best to report it. Security to follow up.
0815 Report that a tree had fallen onto a vehicle which was parked in Life Science car park. Security attended. Estates Help Desk informed.
1920 Report of a smell of Gas in Portland Building, Security attended but no smell of Gas could be detected. Staff in the Mooch bar turned off their Gas, Estates Help Desk to be informed.
0030 Report that a Student had burnt themselves on food from a Microwave in Hall, Security attended and provided First Aid.
1038 Report of a Dog trapped on the ice on Highfields Lake, Security attended and with Council Grounds Staff were able to rescue to Dog and return it to its owner.

The trees which some seemed to prefer to a £40m Sports Village
The trees which some seemed to prefer to a £40m Sports Village

1750 A member of the Public contacted the Security Control room stating that he was very angry that the University wanted to cut down the Oak Trees adjacent to the Sports Centre.
That caller was lucky they didn’t put him through to the Sports Centre…

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