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The Super Summer Wonkhe Picture Quiz 2019

On Registrarism, it's the The Super Summer Wonkhe Picture Quiz 2019. (No) prizes to be won, whole lot of fun. How many can you get?
This article is more than 4 years old

Paul Greatrix is Registrar at The University of Nottingham, author and creator of Registrarism and a Contributing Editor of Wonkhe.

The relationship between the US and the UK has been diplomatically challenging of late. However, we continue to learn a lot about the UK’s higher ed future from looking at the US.

One of the most entertaining exports I noticed recently was this outstanding university quiz on Twitter created by Joshua Goodman of Brandeis University.

Never ones to miss the opportunity to copy someone else’s great idea we thought we would offer our own super summer Wonkhe quiz. So, can you identify the UK universities from the pictures?

You’ll find all the answers here. But no peeking. And do post your (honest) scores and time taken in the comments and on Twitter #WonkheQuiz. I’m sure there aren’t any prizes left in the cupboard so it’s all about playing for pride.

Here we go then…

University 1


University 2


University 3


University 4


University 5

University 6

Half way there – how are you doing? Too easy?

University 7

University 8

University 9

University 10

University 11

University 12

So, that’s your lot. You can find the answers here if you need them. How many did you get? And if you got them all, how long did it take you? #WonkheQuiz

8 responses to “The Super Summer Wonkhe Picture Quiz 2019

  1. 10/12 for me – great quiz! I just went down the wrong track with the teapot, and the second picture in 6 was particularly cryptic!

  2. 10/12. Well 11, but I’d discounted Ravensbourne as I wasn’t familiar with it. Didn’t get Gunkibble University at all…

  3. 10/12. Although I’d argue that my wrong answer to 4 works fine. So 11/12. And I’ll have none of your no appeals against academic judgement nonsense.

  4. Enjoyed number 8, thinking it was ‘not-thumb-brie-ah’, but realising it was ‘come-brie-ah’ was disappointing!

  5. Number 4 I got Teeside

    Side – the King’s side piece.

    I think that gets an honourable mention.

  6. 8/12, got overly excited to see my alma mater at 10 (although I was saying Acute-ear until I noticed the rusks…)

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