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PODCAST: Spending review, racial harassment, digital, Covid complaints

This week on the podcast there's the Chancellor's spending review to get across, and a new report from Universities UK on tackling racial harassment.
This article is more than 3 years old

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This week there’s the Chancellor’s spending review to get across and a new report from Universities UK on tackling racial harassment.

There’s also work out from Jisc on staff and digital, and a batch of complaints from the first part of the pandemic to learn lessons from published by OIA.

With Helen O’Sullivan, Pro VC Education at Keele University and Amatey Doku, Consultant at Nous.

Items this week


HESA now release financial data on providers based on when their financial year begins – and the data for some providers has already dropped for 2019-20. I thought it would be interesting to compare tuition fee income against the previous year, to see if this group of mainly newish private providers have grown at a uniform rate over the last year. Are all these alternative providers growing at the same rate – or are some heading for the moon and others fading away. In other words, does it correlate?

The answer is a very clear “yes”. R squared is a record 0.98, making this a very strong correlation. Most providers in this basket are growing fee income at a similar rate – it’s not a huge expansion but it is generally expansion. But even the largest providers here – The University of Law, and BPP University – don’t top £100k a year from fee income. This is a very small, but structurally interesting, part of the sector. Data is from the HESA Finance open data release, and where the data doesn’t exist I’ve not plotted it.

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