Wonkhe is being spruced up

I’m taking the opportunity over the summer to do a little bit of painting and decorating, so things may not quite work as they should (but I hope they do). Apart from changes to fonts and styles, the biggest change that you’ll notice is the addition of a second sidebar. I felt that there was simply too much important information that needed to be visible and accessible. The new design therefore feels less constricted with more information near the top of the page. Additionally, more content is visible through a nicer layout of excerpts underneath the latest posts.

With a bigger and bolder heading and more breathing room across the site, I hope this version of Wonkhe is the easiest to read and most attractive yet.

As with the whole Wonkhe project, the design is always a work-in-progress, so I always value feedback. Do let me know what you think.

Update: Thanks to all that fed back on Twitter. Things on my to do-list are:

1. Fixing header logo fonts

2. Finding new bolder headline font

3. Sorting out the Twitter widget/find a better one

4. Find a better author information widget/make my own that does everything I need it to

5. Other miscellaneous things

6. Develop new mystery features


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