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Wonkhe keeps the sector up to date every weekday morning with an email briefing packed with analysis, news, the latest from the rumour mill – it’s everything you need to stay ahead of the hectic UK HE scene.

Wonkhe Mondays is our free briefing, delivered to tens of thousands of people in and around higher education. Wonkhe Daily is delivered every morning at 8am to our organisational subscribers which include universities, government departments, sector agencies and our resident universities minister. The Daily ensures that you and your organisation can stay ahead of the complex and ever-changing HE policy landscape.

Wonkhe Live

Introduced in 2019, Wonkhe Live is a regular briefing event for Wonkhe Plus subscribers. Come and hear from Team Wonkhe directly about what’s going on in higher education, meet colleagues and friends from the Wonkhe community and bring actionable insights back to your organisation.

Wonkhe Briefing

A chance to step back from the day-to-day, the Briefing is a printed magazine for anyone that needs to keep up with the macro trends impacting on HE, the major changes each quarter and a chance to bring real depth to important issues. Essential reading for university boards, and anyone that needs the higher level view.

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Subscribe your organisation to Wonkhe Plus to ensure your colleagues have the widest possible range of information and benefits to truly stay ahead of UK higher education.

We are always keen to hear from our subscribers about their ideas about the future of higher education, we welcome pitches for blogs and articles from across the community. And our subscribers are the first to be invited to participate in Wonkhe 360° – an annual report that helps the sector hear what’s really going on from the people in the know.

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To subscribe to Wonkhe, start a free trial or find out more about, contact us on team@wonkhe.com.