Simon Lancaster


Simon Lancaster Wonkhe
Simon Lancaster Wonkhe

Simon Lancaster is a Principal at Nous Group and heads up Nous’ UK team. Nous is a leading international management consulting firm that works widely across the higher education sectors in the UK, Australia and Canada.

Simon has nearly 20 years’ consulting experience in Australia and the UK, and his practice extends across a broad range of higher education areas. He works as a trusted advisor to many UK universities and over the past five years has supported UK HE leaders and their teams to develop and implement strategies and tackle specific operational challenges.

Simon’s work includes developing whole of university strategies and visions (as well as specific education, environmental and sustainability strategies); analysing and working through “size and shape” options for universities; mapping student journeys and enhancing student experience; reforming universities programme offerings; and helping universities evolve their organisational culture.

Simon has particular interests in how universities position themselves for a different environment and different expectations (and the various scenarios that might unfold), as well as in how universities can contribute to the decarbonisation agenda.