Richard Watermeyer

Director of Research

wonkhe-Richard Watermeyer
wonkhe-Richard Watermeyer

Richard Watermeyer is a sociologist of higher education with interests and expertise in issues of policy, practice and pedagogy. His work is primarily concerned with the development of new conceptualisations of academic praxis in the milieu of profound ideological and organisational change for the global Academy. He is Reader in Education and Director of Research in the Department of Education at the University of Bath. His forthcoming book: ‘The noose of competitive accountability” (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar) considers how a new breed of not public but ‘competitive’ accountability is destabilizing and deleterious to the work and identities of academics as engaged researchers, and contributive to the corruption of a ‘science and society’ nexus and the erosion of an aspiration of the public intellectual.

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