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True Crime on Campus #56: Lockdown

Paul Greatrix has been looking at campus security logs from the lockdown period - and you won't believe what happened next (on campus).
This article is more than 3 years old

Paul Greatrix is Registrar at The University of Nottingham, author and creator of Registrarism and a Contributing Editor of Wonkhe.

University campuses have been strangely quiet places since the lockdown in March.

At Nottingham our outstanding security team have been part of the on campus presence to ensure the safety of the small number of staff and students remaining on site. At the best of times security staff have to cope with a range of strange goings on and the many and varied forms of animal life on campus too. Lockdown means that there have been some rather different and odd incidents to deal with. And some unusual #BeastsOfUoN too.

Getting used to lockdown

0125 Report that a Student had been working in Nottingham Medical School and had gone out of the building for some fresh air. Once they were outside the doors closed locking them out of the building. Security attended and provided access.

1650 Report of a number of youths fishing in the lake outside Jubilee Conference Centre. Security advised the youths that this was not permitted and asked them to leave campus; the youths complied.

1623 Report that a pop up shop had been put up adjacent to The Exchange Building, Security attended and asked those responsible to leave. The shop was selling face masks.

1915 A patrol Security Officer observed bright lights in Trent Quad, Officers spoke to a group of males who stated that they were going to make a film. They were told to pack up the equipment and to leave Campus.

2005 A patrol Security Officer observed a group of people and bright lights at the rear of Portland Building. This was the same group that were told to leave at 1915.

1320 Report of a Student in Portland Building who was unable to find their way out of the Building. Security attended and located the Student who was given advice.

0810 Patrol Security Officer spoke to a male in a wooded area on Cut Through Lane, the male was asked to leave Campus.

0225 Complaint of noise in Hall, Security attended and spoke to a Student who had their PlayStation game too loud, The Student was asked to turn it down.

Following the rules

1710 A Security Officer spoke to two males using the outdoor Gym equipment the Officer gave the males advice. The males then left Campus.

09:15 Report of the theft of a Road Roller on hire to contractors from a worksite on College Road, on Sutton Bonington Campus. Security to follow up.

1725 Security spoke to a member of the Public who had driven onto Campus with the intention of using the outdoor Gyms. The Officer explained the Government restrictions on travel. The member of the public stated that they did not require a lecture and left the Campus.

1835 Report of a Student using the outdoor Gym equipment on Beeston Lane, Security attended and gave the Student advice.

1600 Report of three males sitting together in Florence Boot Close, Security attended and after giving the males the Government advice told the males to leave Campus.

1210 Report of a person sunbathing in Sherwood Hall car park, Security attended on arrival the person had left the area.

1830 Patrol Security Officer spoke to a group of youths who were drinking beer in the Millennium Gardens. The youths were given advice and told to leave Campus.

1815 Report of a large gathering of people having a BBQ adjacent to Highfield Lake on Council property. Security contacted Police and reported the gathering.

1555 Security spoke to a group of people throwing a Frisbee to each other on Willoughby field. The people were given advice and asked to leave.

1723 Report of a group of youths on Pedal Cycles adjacent to History, Security attended and told the youths to leave Campus.

Steamy windows

0300 Patrol Security Officer found a vehicle parked in a car park adjacent to Lenton and Wortley Hall. The vehicle had all of its windows steamed up and there appeared to be people in the vehicle. The Officer knocked on the window of the vehicle and asked the occupants to leave Campus.

0118 Security attended a fire alarm in Business School South. A Student was spoken to who admitted that they had been smoking in the Building. The Conduct and Investigations Manager to be informed.

1915 Report of a party taking place adjacent to Jubilee Campus Lake. Security attended the area was checked the party appeared to be in a house which backs onto the Campus.

2120 Patrol Security Officer spoke to a male on the Science Site who was stood blocking a road. The male was asked to leave Campus.

15:50 Security attended a report of youths skateboarding on Science Road and causing a disturbance. The youths left campus when instructed.

Yet more #BeastsOfUoN

1210 A Patrol Security Officer spoke to a member of the Public as their dog was chasing wild life on Jubilee Campus. The owner was told to put the dog on a lead.

1450 Report of Ducklings stuck on Cripps Hall Kitchen roof, Security attended Estates staff informed.

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1620 Report of a one meter long Snake in Millennium Gardens, Security attended the Snake was seen by the attending Security Officer and identified as a Grass Snake.

0550 Report of a Deer in the area of Highfield Lake adjacent to Florence Boot Hall, Security checked the area, Police informed by a member of the Public.

0715 Report of a Deer on University Park in the Beeston Lane area. Security attended Police were informed.

1020 Security received numerous calls regarding a Deer on University Park. Wollaton Park staff contacted who stated that this one is not theirs but they will with the RSPCA be coming onto Campus on 13 May to capture the Deer.

1015 Report of a Duck with Ducklings in Life Science Quad, Security attended Estates Help Desk informed.

1150 It was confirmed that Wollaton Park staff and an RSPCA Vet had been able to dart the Deer on University Park and return it to Wollaton Park.

Simply the best

Fans of the University of Nottingham Security Team (which include me, obviously) will be pleased to note they have recently been awarded the great accolade of ’University Security Team of the Year’ by AUCSO, the Association of University Chief Security Officers.

For those not aware of their work, AUCSO is the primary association for Security Professionals working in Universities, Colleges and Institutions of Higher and Further Education in the UK, Europe and across the globe. Current members represent 24 countries.

It’s justified recognition for their efforts and we are all incredibly proud of our great Security Team. Well done colleagues!

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