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The Great Big Wonkhe University Picture Quiz – US Edition

Registrarism is back with the Wonkhe University Picture Quiz - say what you see!
This article is more than 4 years old

Paul Greatrix is Registrar at The University of Nottingham, author and creator of Registrarism and a Contributing Editor of Wonkhe.

In these most challenging of times there is an occasional need for a distraction. Always glad to be of service in that regard we thought it was time for another Wonkhe University Picture Quiz.

The concept really could not be simpler and as the incomparable Roy Walker of Catchphrase fame would put it: “Say what you see!” For example, the image at the top of the article has the number one and a key, if you read “one key” out loud the answer would be “Wonkhe”. Just like that.

US Special Edition

This latest edition of the picture quiz features prominent US universities – can you identify them from the pictures?

You’ll find a link to all the answers at the bottom of the page – no peeking.

Do post your (honest) scores and time taken in the comments and/or on Twitter – #WonkheQuiz

A few really easy ones to start with and then it gets a little more tricky.

University 1

University 2

University 3

University 4

University 5

University 6

University 7

University 8

University 9

University 10

University 11

University 12

University 13

University 14

University 15

University 16

You kind find all the answers here.

Easy eh? Remember to share your scores and time taken #WonkheQuiz

9 responses to “The Great Big Wonkhe University Picture Quiz – US Edition

  1. Thought number 4 was Wellesley College. That is Arthur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington) isn’t it?

  2. I’d not previously heard of either Kung Fu Emoji or Cereal Dice universities; every day’s a school day with WONKHE.

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