Associate Dean of Eureka Moments

The University of Bristol is recruiting for an Associate Dean of Eureka Moments – a job title to turn heads if there ever was one. An ambitious recruitment campaign is underway with a dedicated website and branding.

eureka wonkhe

Disappointingly, the job description and person spec is rather more mundane than the job title suggests, and on closer inspection appears to largely be a standard head of school position. The many responsibilities associated with the role include:

long-term, strategic and operational planning in the School of Clinical Sciences, the School of Social & Community Medicine, and the Department of Medical Education. This will include planning and implementing agreed structural and organisational changes

It is unclear if the successful candidate will be expected to have eureka moments at a level of genius, excitement and ‘wow’ that you would expect given the seniority of the position. Or will they in fact have to oversee their staff’s delivery of eureka moments? And should eureka moments be included in the next REF? The position raises many questions, all of which warrant a series of eureka moments to answer.

Have you seen any zanier job titles in HE recently? If so, send them in!

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