A not entirely new university ranking

A rather citation heavy ranking from URAP (NB not UKIP)

Apologies for the lateness of this but for some reason I failed to notice this league table which was published last autumn. The University Ranking by Academic Performance website has all the details but the background is as follows:

University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) Research Laboratory was established at Informatics Institute of Middle East Technical University in 2009. Main objective of URAP is to develop a ranking system for the world universities based on academic performances which determined by quality and quantity of scholarly publications. In line with this objective yearly World Ranking of 2000 Higher Education Institutions have been released since 2010.

And the methodology:

URAP ranking system is completely based on objective data obtained from reliable open sources. The system ranks the universities according to multiple criteria. Most of the currently available ranking systems are both size and subject dependent. The URAP research team is currently working on a new methodology which will minimize the impact of size and subject dependency.

The goal of the URAP ranking system is not to label world universities as best or worst. Our intention is to help universities identify potential areas of progress with respect to specific academic performance indicators. Similar to other ranking systems, the URAP system is neither exhaustive nor definitive, and is open to new ideas and improvements. The current ranking system will be continuously upgraded based on our ongoing research and the constructive feedback of our colleagues.

Whilst they don’t want to label universities as best or worst this is a rather inevitable by-product of a ranking I fear. Still, on the positive side, they have sent us a lovely certificate (dated last year but only arrived in my office this week):

A certificate! for the whole University!
A certificate! for the whole University!

I’m sure other rankings will be following suit.

Anyway, here is the list of the top 20 UK universities from URAP:

Country RankingUniversity NameWorld RankingCategoryArticleCitationTotal DocumentJITJCITCollaborationTotal
1University of Oxford7A++91.7492.7243.2573.2665.7278.75445.43
2University of Cambridge11A++90.0791.1642.3471.6365.6875.32436.2
3Imperial College14A++87.1187.3841.9169.860.1673.23419.58
4University College London18A++85.4785.0541.6169.3858.9670.59411.07
5University of Manchester38A++81.5279.3139.6764.2354.5465.21384.47
6University of Edinburgh49A++77.6477.2737.3963.4254.8465.05375.62
7Kings College London69A++76.7475.8237.7662.753.2458.89365.15
8University of Bristol85A++74.7174.333661.3651.5359.04356.98
9University of Glasgow102A++72.4572.7935.2460.3151.0459.07350.89
10University of Birmingham108A+73.3771.6835.7860.1849.7556.81347.56
11University of Nottingham110A+74.2571.6135.7959.6449.4356.31347.03
12University of Sheffield115A+73.5371.7435.4559.5949.7555.92345.96
13University of Leeds123A+73.5671.2935.2859.2349.4656.25345.08
14University of Southampton128A+73.5870.7335.0659.1149.0656.65344.18
15University of Liverpool145A+71.6469.9834.558.9848.9855.95340.03
16Cardiff University152A+70.8969.5433.8658.3549.2256.25338.11
17University of Newcastle upon Tyne161A+70.0870.2633.9458.8349.5553.95336.61
18University of Warwick212A+70.0967.933.2457.2147.7452.63328.82
19University of Leicester231A+68.2668.332.6157.448.8951.25326.7
20University of Aberdeen234A+6867.7632.7356.7947.4253.36326

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