Student engagement coordinator (research & data)


9th January 2018

We’ve got an excellent opportunity for an individual who lives for data and research and is passionate about using this to improve students’ experiences. We’re looking for someone with experience in using different research methods, data sources and analysis software and an interest in advocacy and policy. We’ll help you develop skills as you work with us, with opportunities such as training, qualifications and mentoring.

Students’ Unions aren’t just any membership charity – they’re active, democratic mutuals, using the energy and passion of their student members to deliver improvements to students’ lives. uea (su)’s Student Engagement Coordinator (Research and Data) will be at the centre of developing and running research activities focused on improving students’ education and overall experience.

Department: Education & Engagement Unit

Purpose: To deliver research and support for our student leaders and to shape change at UEA. To develop and ensure implementation of the Student Insight Strategy to better understand the lives and experiences of students.


Key Responsibilities

Research and Insight

  • To provide support and work with student officers and leaders, ensuring that they are kept abreast of key education and policy issues
  • To create, conduct and analyse a range of research activities and exercises that will provide uea(su) with meaningful insight of the student experience
  • To utilise multiple data sources, such as MSL, Microsoft Forms, Google Analytics, University systems, minutes and meeting notes and others to effectively build information to be interrogated by relevant software.
  • To coordinate regular communication with relevant student groups and the uea(su) Senior Management Team, providing reports and presentations, and update printed and digital communications where necessary
  • To work with other departments in the SU and UEA to monitor implementation of the Student Insight Strategy Student Engagement and Leadership
  • To contribute to the training and development of student leaders
  • To provide officer support for SOC Sub-Committee and their campaigns and projects, including attending and supporting relevant meetings and committees
  • To ensure that student leaders receive appropriate support when dealing with institutional issues and preparing for university meetings
  • To monitor, measure and increase impact on students’ lives by developing the number and quality of engagement and representation opportunities


Unit responsibilities

  • To support and develop relevant student staff
  • To assist student leaders on implementing full event and activity plans, including risk assessments, financial planning and monitoring and evaluation


General duties of all staff

  • To understand and uphold the purpose and values of the organisation and ensure that these guide and inform the work and conduct of the post holder. uea(su) has a democratic decision-making process and the post holder will champion this when carrying out their duties
  • To be knowledgeable of the SU Constitution, as it applies to this post, including any legal requirements
  • To work in accordance with all SU policies and procedures, including Health and Safety, Staffing Protocols, Financial Procedures and the SU’s Equal Opportunities Policy
  • To undertake duties from time to time as requested by the SU Management that may be reasonably considered within the scope of the post
  • To attend from time to time, as required, meetings as necessary to meet the requirements of the post
  • To attend all Staff Development Days and training as required. Flexibility in working hours may be required to accommodate this
  • To be flexible and adaptable in a changing environment, the role holder may be assigned to other areas of the SU to meet the needs of the service. This will in turn provide development opportunities in which to broaden experience.

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