Entering the event

How do I enter the event?

To enter the event site click here and enter the email address you used when you registered for the event. Scroll through the programme to view the sessions and their start times. To participate click “Join the session” which will take you to the live event stream.

Session Recordings

How do I access the session recordings?

Delegates will be able to access recordings of the sessions on-demand via the programme page using their log-in details, both during and after the event. If you cannot attend the whole event you will still have access to all of the session materials.

I’m not available to attend the event, but can I buy recordings?

Sessions will be uploaded to replay after they have finished, so you can still take part in the event as it progresses, even if you can’t make it all on the day.

To purchase access to the recordings after the event, email us for more information.


I didn’t receive joining instructions but think I should be attending

If you haven’t received joining instructions from us, you may not be registered for the event. Contact us.

I want to attend but I am only available on one of the days. Can I purchase a one day ticket or split my ticket with a colleague?

Whether you attend the entire event, or can only join for one day, all sessions will be available for ticket holders to view on-demand, therefore one day tickets are not available to purchase. It is also not possible to split tickets as each delegate has a unique event platform log-in.

Logging in

I can’t access the event on my device

If you are receiving a default message from your firewall, you will need to contact your network administrator. It is likely you will need to whitelist the event URL in order for your firewall to grant access. If contacting your network administrator is not an option, please try to access the event on another device. A personal device will solve the problem in almost every instance.

If you are still unable to access the event on a personal device, your router firewall may be blocking your access. In this instance you can try to access the event via a different network or even over mobile data.

When I try to log into the event I get the error message “Your email address is not recognised.”

Check that you are using the correct email address. Delegates have been given access to the site using the email address provided when your ticket was booked (and we will have sent your joining instructions to this email address too). Also check that you have not included any typing spaces before or after your address. If the email address has been entered correctly try using a different web browser e.g. Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox.

I’m having difficulty accessing the event platform – I am connecting via a VPN

If you are joining the platform whilst connected to a VPN, you may encounter issues. For the best experience, we would advise against joining the platform whilst connected to a VPN.

Sound issues

When I join a session I can’t hear anything

It is likely your browser has defaulted the volume to be muted. To unmute, hover over the session stream window and point your cursor over the volume bars in the bottom right hand corner. If they are white, the stream is muted – click the volume bars to turn them blue and unmute the stream.

If the volume bars are blue, the stream is unmuted but your device is not outputting volume. Please ensure your device volume is turned up and your browser and/or firewall is not blocking any audio.

My question isn’t dealt with here – how do I get more help?

Our team is on hand to help you.

For event-related queries (e.g. ticket bookings, payments, POs, accessing recorded sessions, non-attendance etc.) email Team Wonkhe.

For technical support (e.g. difficulty logging in, sound or picture issues etc.) email our technical helpdesk.