Research and Enterprise Operations Manager


22nd September 2017

Job purpose

To support the Associate Dean (Research) and Associate Dean (Enterprise) in delivery of Kingston School of Art’s (KSA) research and enterprise strategy.  To have overall responsibility for the effective operation of administrative procedures throughout the research funding and implementation process, particularly focusing on research governance.


Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Support the strategic work of the Associate Deans (Research & Enterprise).
  2. Support the Associate Deans (Research & Enterprise) in the development and implementation of KSA’s Research and Innovation Strategy and associated KPIs.
  3. Manage and motivate the Research Student Coordinator, Short Course Administrator and Overseas Development Administrator to achieve R&E strategic aims. This will including induction, staff appraisals, training and development and ensuring key goals and objectives within the team are met.
  4. Ensure all administrative procedures relating to students are dealt with professionally in accordance with University regulations and procedures and the QAA code of practice, liaising with the central Graduate Research School. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of research student processes.
  5. Manage all day to day operations within the KSA Research and Enterprise Office, including any additional KSA-appointed staff. Conduct regular reviews of KSA research and innovation policies and processes and ensure that any changes are communicated effectively; ensure the branding standards are maintained for all guidance/policies/forms.
  6. Establish and maintain effective systems of managing staff research activities and research funding applications, ensuring adherence to University and KSA processes through the cradle-to-grave process and obtaining required approvals.
  7. Reviewing and reporting on the development and progress of research and innovation projects, identifying trends and monitoring performance against deliverables.
  8. Manage and coordinate annual monitoring returns and preparations for the Research Excellence Framework (REF), providing support for the Associate Dean for Research and Unit of Assessment leads and preparing relevant data.
  9. Contribute to the reporting process to ensure that input to sections of the annual HESA return have been prepared in accordance with the requirements of KSA.
  10. Follow the progress of research projects within KSA, supporting the Principal Investigators and notifying appropriate corporate departments.
  11. To oversee, and where appropriate, to manage, the organisation of research related events including research conferences and seminars. To advise on and arrange appropriate opportunities for public engagement arising from KSA projects.  To interact with marketing and communications in publicising such events.
  12. Work with the Marketing team to ensure that external research web pages are updated with news items on a monthly basis. Liaise with the Research Governance & Engagement Officer to contribute to the production of disseminated information e.g. newsletters etc., gathering information from researchers.  Ensure the appropriate publication of research successes, such as awards and project outcomes, after internal processes are completed
  13. Coordinate the KSA research committee and KSA ethics committee, working groups and relevant sub-committees; providing guidance and support as required, booking rooms, drafting agendas, circulating papers, acting as clerk to all relevant meetings, boards and committees as requested, ensuring that minutes and outcomes are communicated to all relevant parties in a timely manner and that action points are followed up. Ensure dates coordinate with other University committees.
  14. Work with the chair of the KSA ethics committee to ensure that all projects requiring approval are monitored appropriately and those requesting approval in principle are followed-up in a timely fashion, to submit to the full approval process.
  15. Support the School Research Directors and Research Development Managers in understanding the research interests of all academic staff. Ensure the Research Development Managers, Innovation Relationship Managers and the university Impact Manager are briefed on any developments in interests, project ideas or impact opportunities.
  16. Maintain effective working relationships with KSA and University colleagues and external partners, acting as a point of contact face-to-face, by telephone, in writing and by email.
  17. Make a positive and active contribution to regular team meetings, service and process reviews, and other KSA initiatives and developments as requested.
  18. The University is based across several sites. This role will move between locations as required.

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