Postgraduate Ethics: Issues, Dilemmas, Solutions


15th July 2015

July 15, 2015


Ethical integrity is an important term that concerns not only the research process but many practical situations. As one of the speakers highlights, the scope of this notion encompasses amongst many ethical scenarios,  ‘ … the relationship between policy and governance, practice, and institutional support and administration.’ The aim of today is to provide an environment where postgraduate ethical issues can be discussed and debated. The speakers will highlight different ethical issues and allow participants to respond underling their own ethical dilemmas. As Brooks et al (2014:3) argue, ‘Ethical thinking is intimately connected to practical research sills, which need to be developed and reflected upon.’ ‘The more you think about postgraduate research ethics …’, another speaker will suggest, ‘ … the more important ethics becomes.’ What we hope participants will gain from the Seminar is increased understandings of their own ethical situations and potential ethical solutions.

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