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What’s in Sam Gyimah’s in-tray?

We have a new Minister for Higher Education – but who is he, and what will be the big issues awaiting his attention? David Kernohan runs down his CV and sneaks a peak into his in-tray

Wonkhe Editor wins 2017 CIPR award

We’re all hugely proud that the Editorial Excellence of Mark Leach has been recognised by CIPR’s education journalism awards in 2017.

The Wonkhe Awards 2017 – The Winners

The first ever Wonkhe Awards celebrate the individuals, teams and activities that make higher education a wonkier and better place. The winners were announced during a glitzy award ceremony at Wonkfest17 – the full list is here.

HE Power List 2017: People power

Power List judge Judy Friedberg discusses – from the election to the NSS boycott – the rise and rise of student power.

HE Power List 2017: The void

Power List judge Robin Middlehurst looks deep into the echoing emptiness at the heart of higher education policy.

Edtech? It’s all about policy!

At the 2017 #ALTC conference Wonkhe’s David Kernohan talks to Liverpool Associate Pro-vice-chancellor and co-chair Helen O’Sullivan, and ALT CEO Maren Deepwell, about the current state of edtech at Liverpool and beyond.

Is Clearing more unpredictable than ever in 2017?

Clearing is upon us! Dan Beynon has spoken to marketing and recruitment professionals across the sector to gauge how universities might approach the most competitive admissions market yet.

Making a co-operative university

Members of the Social Science Centre, Lincoln introduce us to the emerging world of co-operative higher education, including plans to develop a UK co-operative university.

People in higher education: Amatey Doku

Nona Buckley-Irvine meets the new NUS Vice President for Higher Education to talk about TEF, the black attainment gap, working with the sector, and Cambridge.

It’s time to open up academic conferences to the wider world

Academia must recognise that it’s only one part of the wider scholarly ecosystem, and academic conferences must reach outside to the wider world. Matthew Flinders explains how this has influenced the Political Studies Association.

HE Power List 2016: An introduction

Launching the 2016 HE Power List, Editor Mark Leach introduces the top 50, our approach to the judging, as well as some reflections on the turbulent year just passed.

HE Power List 2016: The death of the Osborne Supremacy

George Osborne was top of our 2015 Power List, but is now nowhere to be seen. David Morris considers the rapid demise of the former chancellor’s hegemonic project, and asks whether the new government have learned the lessons of his story.

HE Power List 2016: The Brexit big hitters

The odds and ends of Brexit will define the fate of the UK higher education sector in the coming years. Jonathan Simons examines the key players who hold the power and offers advice on how they can be influenced.

HE Power List 2016: Influence of alternative sector grows

A ‘new wave’ of advocates for the alternative provider sector have come into this year’s Power List. Richard Brabner contextualises the judges considerations of this new source of power and influence in the HE world.