Wonkhe is the home of higher education policy, bringing the sector together through expert, trusted and essential analysis.

A community of diverse voices, we provide platforms to drive the policy conversation forward and bring about real change.

We like to do things differently, offer the unexpected and challenge the status-quo.

And all because we love HE and want to make it better for everyone.

Why Wonkhe SUs?

Representing students effectively is tough when policy is complex, confusing and constantly changing. We know that officers and staff that understand the environment are more effective, and get more done. We will help with that.

We think the challenges on students and students unions are increasing, and require rapid, creative thinking. We can both provide and facilitate that too.

We love students’ unions. Many of us began our careers in students’ unions. We think the UK students’ union system is unrivalled around the world and makes UK higher education better. So we naturally want to deliver work in this area.

We see work with students’ unions as an investment in our mission to improve higher education policymaking, provide a platform unheard and diverse voices, and an opportunity to support the sector’s wider talent pipeline.

What we’re not

We’re not a representative body – we’ll never seek to speak on behalf of students or students’ unions. That’s your job, along with your National Union.

We’re also not a campaigning body – there won’t be a national demonstration or a lobby of parliament.

We’re not democratic and we’re non-partisan. That doesn’t mean you won’t hear professional opinions from the team and doesn’t mean we won’t involve SUs and students in our work – but we won’t take a policy position or have an elected committee.

We mean policy

As well as strict higher education policy, we have an interest in and expertise in wider areas that apply to HE – like equality and diversity, governance and charity law, and freedom of speech.

We know you are busy – so we’ll do the reading so you don’t have to, distilling the essentials and helping you lead and deliver for your students in the process.

When you are as familiar with the issues as your university’s senior team, you’re more effective.

We’re up to date – in the sector we’re relied upon for our quality and timely analysis so we like to stay nimble and be responsive. We keep our operation lean, our partnerships wide and don’t get bogged down by bureaucracy or layers of complexity.


  • Twice weekly policy briefings and beginner’s guides on key issues in higher education
  • A bespoke weekly email for SUs featuring the latest developments, news coverage, analysis and opportunities for SUs as well as news from around the network
  • Access to our WhatsApp alerts and group
  • Access to the Wonkhe Daily (note the NUS Daily will be discontinued from March 31, 2019)


All of the above, plus

  • A entitlement to a day’s training for your officers on effective policy analysis and creation
  • Weekly interactive webinars from the team on issues in HE you will be discussing with your institution
  • Team Wonkhe on retainer, offering advice and support with your representation and policy issues
  • Discounted rates to Wonkhe events, including the flagship Wonkfest
  • Access to the Wonkhe Briefing – our termly policy digest


As well as our subscriptions, we will also:

  • Run bespoke events and seminars aimed specifically at students’ union officers and staff
  • Access to bespoke opt-in projects on key contemporary policy issues raised in manifestos and strategies
  • Strike a partnership to offer impactful collective student research that has an impact
  • Offer specific services, both in house and with leading partners, to develop your policy and representation work and thinking
  • Practitioner forums for key management and policy staff with access to key sector bodies
  • Contribute the latest thinking to student movement events
  • We’ll also help you respond to consultations, understand the local implications or national issues, and identify opportunities to apply for funding


Full detail is available in our leaflet.

To subscribe now, to ask a question or to find out more, drop us an email
sus@wonkhe.com and we’ll be in touch.