Senior Project Manager, Equality and Information Rights


17th August 2017

Unit: Academic Policy and Governance
Fixed-term contract for 12 months

The Open University works proudly to enhance social justice by providing life-long learning. Our Equality Diversity and Information Rights Team works actively to support a university community where people are treated fairly, with dignity and respect, where inequalities are challenged, and where personal information and University records are maintained in accordance with our ethical and regulatory framework.

We are seeking a senior project manager who will be responsible for delivering regulatory changes due to come into force over the course 2018.  During this 1 year fixed term contract you will scope and deliver against specific requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation, and the Welsh Language Standard amongst others.

The role will provide you opportunity to interact with senior colleagues across a range of the University’s units/departments including the OU in Wales, the OU in Scotland, and IT to strengthen and build upon existing work that has already commenced.


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