Marketing Insight Manager


18th September 2017

Job Purpose:

The main responsibility of this role is to improve the effectiveness of marketing activity and return on investment. Understanding the prospect journey to provide insight into what marketing activities are most successful and how different audiences and personas react to them. Then communicating relevant insight to teams within marketing and the wider business to inform the development of marketing plans, product development and strategy.

Job Background:

The customer insight team sit within the Marketing team, whilst having a close working relationship with sales and faculty. Our goal as an insight team is to champion to use of insight to build a deep understanding of our customers and market, improving performance and creating a competitive advantage for the business.

Key Responsibilities:

Develop a strong understanding of BPP proposition, products and processes

Provide key insight into the success of marketing campaigns, making proactive recommendations on what activities should be used and the right customers to target for acquisition, development and retention activities.

Develop insight to understand customer journeys depending on the audience that is being targeted, reviewing that the correct messaging and tactics are being used on different personas

Understand the key patterns in attracting interest\leads, bookings and conversion cycles, taking advantage of this knowledge to target prospects and customers at the most effective time as well as with the most effective activity.

Drive development and improvements in the way marketing activity is evaluated ensuring efficiency and effectiveness

Produce timely ROI measurement and feedback findings to ensure marketing effectiveness in future – build un understanding of business performance and priorities to ensure resource is being focused on areas that can provide the biggest return

Develop attribution modelling that can help build understanding of a customer journeys as well as evaluate channel and activity performance

Feedback on processes that need changing to ensure high quality data to support all insight work

Manage performance analyst, ensuring their personal development and contribution to achieving business goals

Manage key business relationships, communicating relevant insight to a broad range of audiences in an effective manner


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