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Counter-Revolution at the Gates

The Great and The Good of British academic and intellectual life are cheesed off. No, in fact, they are as mad as hell – or at least jolly cross – and they’re not going to take it anymore. Esteemed figures have come together to found a new organisation for people with more letters after their names than were originally contained within them; and Alan Bennett. The Council for the Defence of British Universities (CDBU) has been created to defend the “world-class system” in which universities are “among Britain’s most successful institutions”. Poly Teak-Nicks reports from this week’s launch and inaugural meeting.

The great HEFCE pronunciation debate (updated)

I was idly musing this morning on Twitter about the correct pronunciation of ‘HEFCE’, having heard many people incorrectly pronounce it ‘hef-cee’. This caused a bit of a stir and even prompted THE to ring the HEFCE press office who said that both are permissible. Some use -kee as it is a Council, others use -cee… read more

Imperial College surprises all with £0 tuition fees

Amidst the rush of Universities announcing their fee levels over the last two weeks, Imperial College surprised many by bucking the emerging trend of elite institutions charging £9,000, and announcing instead that their tuition would be free of charge for new entrants in 2012. Imperial Rector Sir Kieth O’Nions said in a passionate address to staff that “future Imperial students deserved one of the finest educational experiences in the world…price cannot be barrier to success”.

A further statement from the College explains that this free tuition scheme for all students will be funded by the massive stockpile of reserves that have been built up over the past 100 years from endowments, commercial interests and private sector income that has sustained the “Imperial Family.”