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To platform or not to platform?

Team Wonkhe has looked at the evidence of some of the most commonly cited examples of “no platform” at UK universities.

Blockchain – don’t ask how, ask why

People keep asking David Kernohan about blockchain. We digitally locked him in a small room until he agreed to explain it to us.

Name the new sector agency: we have a winner

We asked you for suggestions for the name of the sector’s newest mega-agency. And, wow, did you ever deliver! We announce our top five, and a worthy winner.

Dearing in the House – twenty years on

It was twenty years ago, yesterday. Wonkhe’s David Kernohan looks back to the way Lord Dearing’s Report was received, and finds some surprisingly familiar names with some decidedly unfamiliar policy positions.

The ABCs for academic success

Simon Thorpe asks whether an initial can dictate your life chances and crunches the numbers across sector leadership to see if the As or Zs come out on top.

Welcome to the Northern Powerhouse of Cards

As the conference season for the main political parties draws to a close, Martin McQuillan reports from the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester and finds more than a few more HE wonks striding the halls than in Brighton last week at Labour’s annual gathering.

Party at The Athenaeum?

Who was partying at The Athenaeum with BIS in May? Recently released government credit card records show that someone probably had a good time.

The university portrait

Mike Ratcliffe gives a brief history of the university portrait looking at the ways in which the tradition has changed over time.

Election Night: HE viewing guide

Ahead of the 2015 election night, David Kernohan rounds up a viewing guide for the higher education sector. Will you stay up for Clegg?

A short history of party manifestos for HE

As the political parties begin publishing their 2015 election manifestos, Emily Lupton takes a look at the growing importance of higher education in general election campaigns since 1979.

The changing university logo

We’re looking at the changing university logo – send us the best examples you can find from the ghosts of HE marketing past.

Review of Wonkhe’s 4th year

On the fourth birthday of Wonkhe, Mark Leach takes a look back at the last twelve months – our biggest yet. We look at the most popular content, most loyal readers and everything else in the last year of Wonkhe.

Associate Dean of Eureka Moments

The University of Bristol is recruiting for an Associate Dean of Eureka Moments – a job title to turn heads if there ever was one. Mark Leach has a look.

Front page news

Mark Leach is keeping track of how higher education is treated by the front pages.

Counter-Revolution at the Gates

The Great and The Good of British academic and intellectual life are cheesed off. No, in fact, they are as mad as hell – or at least jolly cross – and they’re not going to take it anymore. Esteemed figures have come together to found a new organisation for people with more letters after their names than were originally contained within them; and Alan Bennett. The Council for the Defence of British Universities (CDBU) has been created to defend the “world-class system” in which universities are “among Britain’s most successful institutions”. Poly Teak-Nicks reports from this week’s launch and inaugural meeting.

The great HEFCE pronunciation debate (updated)

I was idly musing this morning on Twitter about the correct pronunciation of ‘HEFCE’, having heard many people incorrectly pronounce it ‘hef-cee’. This caused a bit of a stir and even prompted THE to ring the HEFCE press office who said that both are permissible. Some use -kee as it is a Council, others use -cee… read more