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Plans, policy & point-scoring

Part-reflection, part-justification, and part ministerial handbook, Dewi Knight reviews Ministering to Education, the new book by former Welsh education minister Leighton Andrews. Set against a backdrop of political and ideological lines that divided nations more than the left or right, Andrews’ work is essential reading for all in UK higher education policymaking.

Review: The Great University Gamble

Writing here in a personal capacity, Nick Hillman, the Special Adviser to David Willetts reviews ‘The Great University Gamble: Money, Markets and the Future of Higher Education’ (Pluto Press, 2013) by regular contributor to this blog – Andrew McGettigan. Also find here details of a new competition to win a copy of the book.

The Meaning of Stefan Collini

It would be extremely therapeutic for all of those involved in the management of higher education in the UK today to read Stefan Collini’s What are Universities For? (Penguin 2012). This is not because Collini actually answers the question his title poses (and he is the first to acknowledge this) but because Collini articulates in eloquent, silken prose what every ‘ordinary’ academic in the country thinks but is either too lacking in self-confidence or too ill-informed of the issues to say for themselves.

What is Collini for?

Stefan Collini’s much-anticipated book, What are Universities For? (Penguin, 2012) has not been received with universal approbation. The several positive reviews are in danger of being overshadowed by the rather bad-faith effort from Peter Conrad in the Guardian. This post is not a comprehensive review of the book, but a wonk’s reflections on some of the ideas that Collini presents.