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More interest in branch campuses

Immigration constraints prompt overseas interests Out-law.com has an interesting piece on institutional ambitions overseas: In research carried out by Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind Out-Law.com, 67% of surveyed universities said that Government policy on immigration and fees made them more likely to establish an overseas presence. The internationalisation of higher education is not, of course,… read more

International students: not an immigration issue

Students really aren’t immigrants Excellent piece in a recent edition of Times Higher Education by Edward Acton. The essence of his argument is that international students make a massive contribution to the UK economy and most of them leave the UK after graduating. In other words, they really should not be considered as part of… read more

More student visa problems

A foreign university closes its UK campus The New York Times reports that as a result of the new restrictions on student visas, at least one institution has been forced to close a UK campus. Schiller International University, which is based in Florida and has four other international campuses, is closing its London campus and… read more

Proposals for reform of student immigration

Not very welcoming Following the fun and games with the Tier 1 and 2 changes which may yet serve to keep the best academics out of the UK, the government has now turned its attention to Tier 4, students. According to the UK Border Agency , which is launching a brief consultation on proposed changes:… read more

More visa uncertainty

Position on visas still not clear The Guardian has a story on the latest government position on changes to the visa regime. Whilst on the face of it there does seem to be some movement in response to the concerns expressed by universities, there are still significant uncertainties: But young scientists applying for visas may… read more