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The Tea Fund Has Been Closed

Senior common rooms were for staff whereas junior common rooms were for students, usually located in halls of residence or colleges. Having removed a lot of them it looks like universities are trying to build them in again.

Signs of the times

Give us a sign; University signage is perhaps an under-researched area of contemporary higher education. According to a recent report in Vital signs signage is a vital aspect of university life for staff, students and visitors.

True Crime on Campus §38: back to school

Autumn brings even more True Crime on Campus As autumn arrives and students return to campus our outstanding Security staff are ready for any eventuality: 2315 Patrol Security Officers spoke to a member of the Public who had fallen off his bike while cycling on a footpath adjacent to the Orchard Hotel. The male stated… read more

A campus facilities arms race?

It’s all about the aquatics apparently I’ve posted before about the growth of luxury student accommodation in the US. Now the Education Advisory Board has a report on what it says amounts to a recreation facilities arms race on US campuses:   Auburn University has a 45-person paw-print shaped hot tub, Pensacola Christian College has… read more

Chemical Reaction

Fire! Reflections on a major incident In the evening of Friday September 12 I received a call from our Deputy Head of Security to alert me to a major fire at the University’s Jubilee Campus. The building ablaze was the unfinished GlaxoSmithKline Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry and, during the hours that followed, it… read more

Dialogue through technology

Dorm Room Diplomacy Intrigued to learn about the activities of an organisation called Dorm Room Diplomacy which gets groups of students together from around the world, via videoconferencing, to engage in dialogue aimed at promoting greater international understanding:   Founded by students at the University of Pennsylvania in 2009, Dorm Room Diplomacy fosters intercultural dialogue… read more

True Crime on Campus §37: long hot summer

Even More True Crime on Campus It may be summer but our always vigilant Security staff are still on duty to ensure that every unlikely situation is dealt with: 08:05 Security reported an altercation between a driver and a cyclist at the end of the road leading up to the West Entrance Gatehouse on University… read more

Video game scholarships

League of Legends becomes a varsity sport   Inside Higher Ed has a story about an Illinois university which has decided to make ‘League of Legends’ a varsity sport and award a number of scholarships to boot: In the latest blow to the nerd-jock distinction, an Illinois university has added video games to its varsity… read more

Signs of the Times

Is university signage important for academic achievement? No. And I fear that this story rather overstates the significance of signage on university campuses. This piece was pointed out to me by Simon @GlobalHE (to whom many thanks) and covers the importance of signage in education. Whilst I really do want to take it seriously and… read more

The luxury gap

Dormitories v apartments I wrote some time ago here about the advent of extremely luxurious student accommodation in the US. This was linked to anxieties about students having it all just too easy. Certainly the trend in the UK has been away from shared rooms and bathrooms and towards individual en suite rooms and studio… read more

Celebrating Student Success

We really do have an outstanding Students’ Union A nice new website publicising the University of Nottingham Students’ Union’s successes over the past year and its centenary celebrations: For the last week of the semester, your officers decided it was time to celebrate the things we’d achieved. So, we launched our very first Celebration Week…. read more

Big bucks for students with big ideas

A big prize for University of Pennsylvania graduates The Philadelphia Enquirer has a good story about an initiative at the University of Pennsylvania for graduates who want to change the world: Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a strong desire to change the world and an excellent plan for how to do it?A new… read more

True Crime on Campus §36: one in the eye

True Crime on Campus: Once again our always vigilant Security staff are on hand to ensure that every unlikely situation is attended to: 2240 Report of a smell of gas in Humanities Building. Security attended. Officers could detect a faint smell of gas which dissipated during the night. 1325 Report of blocked toilets in DHL…. read more

True Crime on Campus §35: Funny hats

True Crime on Campus: More funny business Once again our ever-dependable Security staff are faced with more challenges trying to keep campus safe for all: 2305 Report that Students had blocked sinks in  Hall JCR causing a flood. Security attended Lanes for Drains and Quality 1st was called out. Two large concrete benches had also… read more

Still waiting for a decent new campus novel?

Fertile territory for Higher Ed fiction? Previous posts on Higher Ed fiction have looked at the end of the campus novel and some flickers in the embers with a few more recent offerings including the Marriage Plot. More recently I also posted on satire in HE which covered, among other things, an unpromising series of British… read more

True Crime on Campus §34: voodoo

New year true crime on campus Some odd things can happen on campus. Fortunately, our unflappable Security staff are more than capable of responding to any situation: 010 Report of a group of youths on Jubilee Campus. The youths were spoken to by Security and told to leave Campus. The youths ran into Exchange Building… read more

24 hour study people

Food: all day and all of the night It’s perhaps not that novel but Inside Higher Ed has a story about a small US college, Lynn University, which has introduced all-night dining to help, among other things, with more flexible class scheduling: Lynn made the adjustment in dining hours for a pretty simple and obvious… read more

Dead wood

Not very environmentally friendly Back in April 2008 I planted a tree at Lenton Rec as a mark of the University’s sponsorship of the park. There was lots of other activity too as part of the support for Nottingham in Bloom. The report on the event includes a comment from the University’s Off-Camous Student Affairs… read more

Varsity on ice

The Big Match: University of Nottingham v Nottingham Trent University Earlier this week I attended the annual Nottingham v Trent Varsity ice hockey match. It really is a fantastic sporting event and must be the biggest of its kind in UK higher education. With a sell-out crowd of over 7,000 the atmosphere was terrific. It… read more

Pop Art to Brit Art

A great exhibition at the Djanogly Gallery, Lakeside   This exhibition is undoubtedly the highlight of Lakeside’s winter season and is the first outing of a terrific collection of contemporary art: The guiding principle behind the David Ross collection is of art produced during his own lifetime, and it is particularly rich in paintings by… read more