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Why we wonk – a case study

Andy Westwood lifts the lid on the satisfyingly wonkish work of the Industrial Strategy Commission, and finds a set of reasons for doing what wonks do.

Reinventing universities in the media

David Kernohan responds to respected policy wonk Sonia Sodha’s latest piece for The Guardian: ‘It’s time to reinvent what universities can be’.

Women wonks: make blogging your New Year’s Resolution

There is clearly no shortage of talented and opinionated women working in or engaged with higher education. But with women in the minority of contributors to Wonkhe, Debbie McVitty looks at why that might be, the barriers to writing that might exist, and gives some tips on how to overcome them.

Bursting bubbles in higher education

In higher education, policy bubbles are commonplace. They float around the sector drawing disproportionate levels of interest and as they grow, they become less rooted in evidence, research or coherent thought. It is important to understand these bubbles if we are to improve policy-making in higher education, a project that has never been more important.